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love hurts. hearing things without being prepared to hear them is a shocking and traumatic experience. not only does it leave you nerve wracked, teary eyed and hurting, but speechless and confused. when you get hit physically, you feel where it hurts. but if you get hurt emotionally, you dont know what hit you, or how it hit you - all you know is that it hurts. big time. i wouldnt want to elaborate my condition but you could relate by imagining what if your best friend suddenly tells you to not call her. and does on explaining that it is too expensive (the call). putting it this way doest feel so bad, but then if you and your friend only get to meet and talk for only maybe once a week lately, then that statement doesnt make much sense. and sure, you can go ahead and ignore what she just said, but then she still said it, and a little later, you realize that she didnt realize (or she did, but didnt bother to tell you) that the reason for calling is because you want to talk t
i should start studying... like my new lease in life, i gotta live through it... need to study and become a real student now. =) i wont be able to post anything of importance as of late, but ill try my best though.... chill ya'll... =)
3.0 na yung 4.0 ko sa cmsc 123! ang saya saya ng feeling ng nakakapagremove ng 4.0 at pumapasa! its like having a new lease on life... life as a college student. english: i can get higher comsci subjects and its like having a new lease on life as a college student. french: i will still need to learn french, so i beg your pardon... ;-) chill... :-)
why the internet shouldnt be free basically, the internet has been an infrastructure project of the united states government, which grew out because of commercial availability and provision, that's why it cant be free. :-) but then, we cant be happy since it isnt free - but just like beer, we pay for it, because we like it... :-) so my point is, because it aint free (yet) we still have to pay for the service. and thus it means another P500 for the coming semester, to activate my email... oh well, that's life. and that's the reason why i havent been able to blog for a few days. and besides, i havent had anything good to say (not that i ever had anything good to say then...) so i might as well blog the next time im in. :-) chill... :-)