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Why do I almost always get into flame wars? Or why do I have this "affinity" towards arguing with someone who doesn't make sense, or makes sense but has an attitude? It must say a lot about my personality, and I hope I can understand myself more. Perhaps I can control this, but everytime I try, there's flamebait waiting for me to bite into. And almost always, I get into an email exchange on a public list arguing about technical issues (and not so technical issues) while keeping myself amused and on-topic. Perhaps I never really got over the debating days in high school... CHill! (yeah, I should...)


I don't think I'm the first one to notice, but I'm looking at Blogger Beta and it's oh so sweet. Imagine the ease of using Google Pages integrated with Blogger's user interface, and you get something cool. As a lot of my friends know I've put up Mikhail Online 2.0 in Multiply , now I'm thinking of getting 2.x out in CoreBlog (or something similar, like Wordpress ) -- but I'm seeing Blogger Beta and I've already tried out Mikhail Online 3.0 there. Can't wait!!! CHill!


Just when you thought you felt better about things, you get disappointed. I thought I was getting better from the sniffles, but unfortunately it feels worse today. I woke up with my head hurting and my sinuses swollen. I now need to take my meds. Often we feel like there are moments where things feel right and that things are just the way we want them. However sometimes there are moments when everything falls apart, your plans get ruined, and you end up with a feeling of despair. I often find myself in moments where I am not at my best, but need to perform -- and in these moments, oddly enough I deliver still (even though I don't feel 100%). Oh well, I just have to be thankful that He is looking out for everyone. CHill...


Do you remember the usual household remedies that your parents used to recommend when you had the sniffles, or the cough, or even a slight fever? They sometimes work not because they really do, but because you just think that they will work and your mind takes over. I've recently tried an experiment where I didn't do anything (well, didn't go out of my condo unit and didn't do anything aside from go online and maybe play a few hours of Neverwinter Nights both offline and online) and just let the sniffles pass. They said rest does wonders to one's body, and I suppose it's true -- or I made it true because I wanted it to be true. So there, mind over body. The sniffles are still there, but I feel a lot better now. CHill...


The rain is catching up with me. And it's just in time really, when all the work that needs to get done is already done, I can afford myself to get the sniffles. I can't breathe right through my nose right now, and sleeping the whole day is alright with me. Thank goodness all the work that needs to get done has already been done. I know I should take some rest, but now I can do that. Of course, I still have a few things to take care of (like laundry, the bills, etc.) but I can do them within the week. Today, I want to rest and that's what I will do -- lest someone requires me to be somewhere and do something, then the sniffles would have to take a back seat. CHill...


I've given in to the urge of actually playing games on my laptop. I've been postponing it for a while already, and finally when my cousin asked me to buy him a game from DataBlitz, I couldn't say no. Now I've installed Neverwinter Nights (NWN) the original campaign, the two expansions, and the special modules for hours upon hours of gameplay. I think this is the only game that was ever worth my money -- every other game out there doesn't really make me want to get up and actually play more than a couple of hours. What can I say, I'm a sucker for Role Playing Games. CHill...


Okay, so this is the second post of the day. I might just like doing this a lot more than the once a day thing, and I plan on doing more of this. I've jost noticed something about my lady friends: they're all genuinely hot. Acquiantance, friend from college, friend from high school, friend from elementary, friend of a friend... And yet I am alone, single, and generally witty. Why do I attract hot friends and not have a hot girlfriend? Is there something wrong with me? Or is it just because I'm just a better friend than a boyfriend? I think about it another way: I have a better standard now that I have a lot of hot lady friends -- so the next girlfriend should generally be hotter than the hot lady friends I have. Sounds twisted? I know... I just can't help but think why the hot ladies like me as a friend -- not that I mind -- but not as a boyfriend. Maybe I should get "hot" and in shape too. What do you think? CHill...

New Look

I am posting at 12:37 am here at my rented condo unit here in Makati, and I've just changed the look of this blog. I've been contemplating on cleaning it up, and removing the bells and whistles and focusing on the content that I put on this blog. I've gone through many phases, but now I think I should be more focused about what's really important to me -- which is being the best person I can be for myself, my family, my friends, and my community. I feel that I have so much more to offer than just a neat looking blog, but that I can contribute a lot more by creating quality content. So I start fresh -- a new look, and removing all the non-essential stuff for delivering the content that I want my friends and other readers to be able to focus on. But the tag line doesn't change. CHill...

Picking It Up Again

I am resolving to make this blogging thing a daily affair again -- and I'm looking forward to a revamp of the look and feel. I am starting to also contemplate on actually maintaining a separate blog for the professional endeavors, and my life. I would like to think that is a wise choice, and so I am starting by writing a blog entry about one particular thing everyday. I find that I can be a lot productive early in the day, say around 8/9 am in the morning when I wake up and feel fresh (unless I had a hard time sleeping) -- and now it's 2 PM on a friday here in the Philippines and I've yet to do anything work related (aside from answering the business related email and the phone calls that go through every other day). At any rate, I'm going to begin documenting my life more and my insights and start picking up the habit again which has helped me a lot the past few years. I certainly hope to start writing about me here, and baring the more interesting things I like to wri