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It's the first day of the PLUG radshow here at Tuguegarao. I'm with Mike Liguit, and like most road show's we've been in, we're having a great time because of the hospitality of the people here. A lot of good things have been happening, however I don't wanna count the chickens before they hatch. I'm just really thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to be part of something that I am really passionate about. I just pray that if it should be His will, then I shall obey. Proverbs 3:5-6 still. CHill...


Are you strong enough to show your emotions? Are you strong enough to accept that you are helpless? Are you strong enough to do the right thing? Last night I had one of the more memorable worship experiences at church where for the first time, I felt like singing, dancing, jumping, and screaming. This has never happened to me while part of a crowd, which I could very much as well call family. It just feels so good belonging to a cell group of young professionals, where our concerns are very much the same, where we can relate to each other, and where we can be there for each other. Like they say, "keep the fire burning" and now I can say that I feel the burn -- and I like it. I've been very blessed for having friends and church-mates helping me get closer to the Lord. I wouldn't be able to go it alone, and it feels good to belong. You are my strong tower, Shelter over me Beautiful and mighty Everlasting King You are my strong tower, Fortress when I'm weak Your nam


Do you have a properly working Biological clock? I don't -- I sleep at 5 am and wake up at 2 pm. And that's if I'm lucky. I don't do this all the time, but I have got to get my schedules straight. I spend most of my day reading mail, reading other people's blogs, and chatting, and a better part of it hacking at my thesis manuscript which I should really finish really soon. I have yet to do the interview and worse transcribe it, and then there's the Final Exam that I'll be taking in approximately 12 hours from this writing -- for which I haven't covered all the necessary topics yet. I am now in the process of encoding and re-graphing the results to suit the manuscript -- since I will be comparing data sets, I might as well create better graphs which I myself would want to read. I will need to come up with different comparative graphs to show the effectiveness of my solution. Yes folks, from the looks of the data, MRADA works! :) I have still to show the d


I have just recently upgraded my Ubuntu installation on my ECS Desknote A530 (details at ) and I would say that people have done a really good job with this release. There has been significant improvements from Hoary, meaning much updated software, more features, and a more cohesize desktop experience. Although I'm using the Release Candidate version, I would definitely upgrade to the final release and help in the development of the next release. Kudos to the Ubuntu team for putting in all the effort into this latest release. More information at CHill...


As I write this blog entry, I have not had an ounce of sleep since yesterday. close to 24 hours awake, and I don't know if it's a bad thing. I sure would like to be able to catch some sleep soon but I have a lot of things that need to be finished by mid-day. I don't have class today, but the following is a short list of things that I need to accomplish before the end of the day. - Interview Lynette Carpio on Radio Talk - Fill in Related Literature Placeholders in the Thesis Manuscript - Get through iterative numerical methods "on the road to passing CMSC 150" - Cover for dad while he gets car fixed - Read Mark's book in the Bible The preceding list is not by order of priority, nor are they in any particular order. They are just a few of the stuff I need to do before the end of the day. Then there is still the negotiations with MobileArts Inc. regarding the details of between our arangement. Then there's letting Yannie know that I love her at least twice to


I would have loved to deliver this speech I am posting, but unfortunately I wasn't able to deliver it as properly I could have (if I had a set of index cards to guide me). However, I hope this speech finds its way into other people's speech for Free/Open Source Software advocacy. I'd definitely love to hear about your comments and suggestions regarding this speech. Dean Michael C. Berris 2000-49526 "Free as in Free Speech" Who among you has ever used a computer? Who among you has ever used GREAT software before? Who among you has ever played computer games before? Who among you have heard of or used FOSS? Free/Open Source Software? (count the people) Just X people? Where have you been?! I would like to start off my speech by defining two key things I will be talking about. These are Proprietary Software, and Free/Open Source Software -- or FOSS. Proprietary software is software that you buy, or is sold to you. It usually comes with a restrictive "evil" e


A couple of days ago, Sept. 29 (Thursday) I was having a generally great day -- delivered a short (5 minute which became a 10 minute) persuasive speech in front of a mix of techie and non-techie people which went really bad with my lack of guidance (i.e. I had no index cards with me). That was good enough for me because I personally have been talking about Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for the past 3 years, I should be able to handle that even without a prepared speech -- which I barely did. It was a lively discussion at 9:30 am, which got my day started real nice. Up next was me seeing Yannie for lunch before I headed for Mandaluyong for the PLUG Board Meeting to which I was invited to be a part of (the meeting, not the board. ;) ). There was something bothering Yannie, which she didn't tell me about yet -- but which I promised her I would ignore for the rest of the day. Now I think I'd like to know what was bothering her. On the way to Mandaluyong the phone ran out of