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Showing posts from July, 2007
One year older... Had a great bash, even though not a lot of people were informed or able to attend. I'm definitely looking forward to a fruitful year ahead -- and more fruitful years to come. CHilling!


I think this is the time of my life when I have to make certain decisions that are not easy to do. I definitely don't think this time is anything special, but the decisions I am making right now will determine the rest of my life. I really really want to settle down -- career wise, pace wise, and love wise. Soon. I think it's going to be an interesting waiting game I will have to play. CHill.

Pownce on Your Friends

Here's a good thing that's happening in the world today: online applications that have client-side interfaces . I just wish Blogger would have something like an Adobe Air based client... Or wait a minute, I can't wait to get someone spinning an Air-based client for this one project I'm working on (currently still a bit of a secret, until we actually launch it soon). I have got to get up to speed with all this Web 2.0 happenings. It's about time I jumped the bandwagon. CHill!

Expectations and Reality

Lesson learned: set realistic expectations and do everything to meet these expectations. When you set high expectations you're setting yourself to fail. But when you set too low of an expectation and you're bound to not enjoy the fun of meeting them. So set realistic expectations and do everything to meet these expectations. It's a cool change to be able to set realistic expectations and have them met. It makes life a bit more livable and success a bit more enjoyable. CHill.