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First Time...

I've done a lot of things in my life, and I never thought you could have a lot of first-times in the span of one day. There are a few first things that I got to do between yesterday and very early today. Here's a list: 1. First time I watched a Filipino movie in a cinema where I nearly wept... 2. First time I had stuffed bread sticks... 3. First time I had Bacolod Chicken Inasal... 4. First time I got into Sibil (Timog)... 5. First time I found out that chorizo's in pizza do not taste good to me... Think about it, what are the tings you did today for the first time? CHill...


Is it me, or she just doesn't really understand me? I don't feel like a self righteous Ahole even on my blog because I keep it short and simple. It might be true that when you use more words to express how you feel, it just bites back. Or, If you try explaining something to someone who doesn't want to listen, then maybe it has the same effect. I was having a nice day, but from what I read, you always save the best for last. My day was going right until she tells me to shut up and let the actions do the talking. Somebody help me out here, she wants to feel more important than anything else in my world -- which isn't really practical and rational -- and then when I do make an effort to reach out and make it right, she tells me to shut up. Maybe I asked for this -- she already said she was a brat, and she already said she was high maintenance but no, I kept it going. Yes, I did bring this onto myself -- I could only do so much and I could only give so much. Lemme quo

Barely Breathing

I am barely breathing, and I can't find the air. I haven't had a smoke in 3 days. 3 days! But then I'm not yet shivering, and feeling hungry all the time (not that I don't eat all the time, but that's something else). I really just love getting a call from my cousin (thanks to Sun Cellular, with that 24x7 unlimited service). Everytime he calls, there's always something happening -- something to talk about, and something to laugh about. I personally like laughing -- a lot. I live a very clowny life, and I appreciate happy people around me. Especially if I make them happy, or at least make them laugh. I remember times when I just be my goofy self and start doing stupid funny things when I'm with my housemates. Sometimes it's something I say, sometimes it's something I do. Sometimes it's something I ask, or a sly remark. Sometimes, it's just when I laugh -- and I don't hold back laughing. Then that's just pure fun, and a very very

Bright Lights

I just got a new set of speactacles. Eye glasses. One for the hip and outgoing guy, and another for the office business person. And for the first time, I could afford these things. Not entirely just because I have a job now, but mainly because I need them too. How could you work effectively if half the time you're reading or writing you need to squint to read them darn letters? Maybe when your work doesn't require you to read then vision improvement aids like eye glesses won't be too much of a necessity. But when your work involves reading through tons and tons of code, documentation, and bad handwriting and poorly written correspondence both on paper and through a monitor, these eye glasses really help. But I'm not counting on just these glasses to do the work, I am urgently needing people to work with on a stream of projects coming into the company. I don't know if I should be advertising this, but to people who are needing jobs, and are qualified to work in


It's barely a day after my last post, and here I am in the middle of the night tacking away at my keyboard, with drooping eyelids and a brain full of ideas. I just got off watching "Absolute Power" in Star World Asia, and this particular episode gave me an idea about a good way of actually exploiting the dynamics of the streets and any "mature" social animal with the desire to be on the leading and cutting edge of the headlines. The episode had something to do with finding out and helping out (err, actually screwing) Mr. X for allegedly being involved in some bar room brawl -- a place where he shouldn't be found mainly because he's the health minister and because the place is known for being the hangout for "Men-or-so-others-say". Anyway, that's not the idea I derived from the episode -- I have taken interest in the idea of actually setting up something like an NNTP service, but more just for short messages and gossip. Take this idea:

Christmas Used to Be...

Ok, here you're thinking here we go again with a sentimental blabbering post. Well you might be right, but then again you might be wrong. So here goes. I've been gone a few weeks from Calauan, Laguna and it'w really quite fitting that I get back the day before christmas. I used to think that life here in the middle of somewhere would be really boring and something I wouldn't miss when I get to a different place like well say, Manila. But some things never change. Like the place you grew up in. See, it's people who change. Not places, not events, not anything else -- people change. Christmas is still christmas to everyone -- however people who experience christmas change. The appreciation of christmas changes as people change, not because of age, and not because of anything else, but mainly because... well... because we just do. Maybe you missed a lot of things while growing up. Maybe it's because you don't have time anymore. Maybe it's because y


Do you know how it feels to think you'll be doing something just for a couple of days and end up doing it for a couple of weeks or months even? It's not a fun feeling. Especially if the circumstances that cause that event are beyond your control. But it's not that the stay here in the provinces in the Philippines isn't fun. It's just that the comfort of familiar environments and familiar people are not there. We've been stuck in the hotel for a couple of weeks already, mainly due to some unavoidable circumstances. And it's not that we're not working, it's just that we're really having a nice time here while we're not which makes it almost bearable. Until you start thinking of what you've left behind, or what you're missing. I'll be paying rent again for the month of december, even though I've only been in the house/apartment just for a couple of days. I'm not complaining, it's just really something I miss -- the

Work Work Work...

Imagine writing a whole manual for training BY YOURSELF. And then writing quotations for clients without supervision... You could put in whatever amount you want, and do everything that your boss does -- while he's not here. And when he basically gives you the go-signal, you actually do everything he does -- with all the hassle and work that comes with it. But then there are also the bad things -- like insomnia, thinking of all the work to be done, and the ones that have to happen ASAP. I enjoy it really, working. I could be someone you could call a workaholic. And I'm looking for people who aren't so that I could get something from them. Or, I could actually help them. Or they could help me. Whatever. But right now, I really need additional manpower, because doing everything yourself is something nobody wants to do. Unless others can't. But that's another story. Right now, that manual thing is getting to my nerves. I haven't done the first chapter, which


I've been out of the blogging scene for quite a while -- I don't even remember the last post. I've been to so many places (well, not that many), and gone through so many things, and have met so many new people, that it's really just a chore to actually write everything down. But then I must, and just after reading inspiring stories I'm in the mood to write. So then I'll get to it. There are some things in life you can let go of -- sometimes it's other poeple. Just when I thought I was going to stop hurting people I love, I end up hurting the person I've genuinely loved since well... I really don't remember the last time I fell in love like THAT. So there, the only person I really truly loved, I managed to hurt and break her heart. All I could be is sorry for who I am and what I do to people, that sometimes it's just not fun anymore. I remember telling her that "You shouldn't be sorry for who you are..." -- but right now that&#