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I've just settled (somewhat) into my new home here in the city of Makati. Moved everything (well almost) from Alabang, to here... And now I need to get a routine going, which will allow me to grow and be my own self in this imposing and wicked city. Though I've always wanted to know how it is to live in this city, a couple hours here gives me the feeling that I will like living in this place. Not because of everything else, but because here I can start over (which I've been doing a lot) and do it better this time. I'm in a computer shop at the foot of this building I live in now, where I have a place -- to where I have to ride an elevator to reach. It feels so different from what I've been used to, and I couldn't really feel too cozy yet in my new home -- but I know I'll find a way, just like I've found a way in other places I've lived in. Of course, this is with God's grace, and his guidance, I shall be the person He molded me to be. CHill...


What do you do when you meet someone famous? Or what do you say when you actually get into an extended conversation over dinner with one? Well, I didn't know but I can tell you that Butch and I met the "world famous" Filipino Boost C++ Library active contributor by the name of Joel de Guzman -- he's part of the prestigious Boost Consulting Group with no less than Dave Abrahams . If you're into C++, you should know Boost -- and when you get to know Boost, you're going to have to know these people. I never thought talking about C++ (higher level stuff at that, template metaprogramming, library development, compile time voodoo) along with politics, life, and writing (and whether we should leave the Philippines or stay) was even possible. Hopping from topic to topic from his projects in the Boost C++ Library to GMA to possible collaborations really made my day yesterday. Of course, aside from all the other stuff that made my half day in Makati a great, exciting