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25 years and my life is still...

... trying to get up that great big deal of hope -- for a destination. Or so the song goes. Yeah, growing older seems to always be some kind of a deal. But this is the first time I'm actually not celebrating it in any fashion similar to what I have done in past birthdays. Later today, I'm going to be spending a day with my girlfriend -- and I'm going to try that for a change. If all else fails I might hold a party of some sort some day. It definitely is not going to be today though. Happy birthday to me. CHill.

The Dark Knight

Deserves all the awards for movies ever made. Seriously. I think, if you're ever going to watch two movies in your entire life, you should watch "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight". That's how much I wouldn't mind recommending both films to everyone. The mix of mythology and real-life social dynamics cannot be depicted any better in films about super-heroes and super-villains. Heath Ledger should get an Oscar. May he rest in peace. CHill.

Wireless Broadband -- Miracle of the Mobile World

A few years ago, I would only dream about the scenario I had just gotten through. I think it's really enlightening when some of your idle 'what-ifs' would come true someday. And up to now, thanks to the miracle that is affordable wireless broadband Internet, I am able to get online and be part of the global community literally wherever I am within wireless signal strength. And in the country like the Philippines, that's practically *everywhere*. I can't share a lot about what specifics happened that required me after having dinner with a handful of officemates to get online as soon as possible. But what I can share is that I didn't have to look for a single wired Internet connection to get online. In a matter of minutes, I was up -- the mobile person that I am -- and literally engaging a team of people both just a few kilometers away and half the world away. Everybody in the team was within reach of each others' fingertips, it's bone chilling to think


People still read my postings on Multiply -- and comment on them! That's why I've been missing out on the traffic that my posts are generating (somehow). So just to let you know, I post this on my original blog: . Not that I have anything against Multiply, I've just been wondering where have all the readers gone. ;) CHill!

The Week

This is the week before my birthday and I still have no concrete plans. Right now I want to reach out to people (still) reading this blog for ideas as to what might be good to do on your 25th birthday that you will remember for a good long time. Things I've done for my birthday before are: Swimming Parties -- all nighters, over-nighters, and binge-drinking parties by the poolside. This still appeals to me, but it gets tired fast. House Parties -- having guests and family over at the house, binge eating and drinking, and then passing out one way or another. Not fun, not healthy, and not much to remember. Night Outs -- dinner with friends at a posh place, maybe Karaoke or Videoke before/after. Might do this again, but it does get a little tired as well. So if you have ideas, I have a few days to collect feedback and suggestions before I finally decide on what to do (or whether to do anything at all). CHill.

One Week, One Year

In a week I will turn 25. This is a significant number for me for a few reasons not only because of personal reasons byt also of popular reasons. First, it marks the first quarter of my life having passed me by. And what have I to show for it? Not much actually. But to me the experiences I've lived through and the learning I've gone through are worth more than this lifetime I've already lived. Now it's a matter of putting this experience and learning to good use. Second, it marks one of the personal milestones I've set of myself since I was 14. I haven't quite started on a few things yet I've planned (that family and the degree to mention a couple) but I am working on some other things (which I intend not to mention). Third, this marks the 25 times people around me will be celebrating my life -- and that I'm still alive. I think it's actually going to be a sad day when people stopped caring when you've turned one year older. Thank God for family