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Showing posts from March, 2007

Missing the Playing Days...

I have a couple of teammates in Friendster who are part of bands. I've gotten the chance to watch one of them play last Saturday, and I can only say that I really *really* miss playing the bass. To make matters worse, I saw this video (see below) where the lead vocalist is also a teammate of mine here at Friendster. Now I really really *really* miss playing... If only I had the time... CHill...

Day 1 At The Pad

Yesterday, I moved. From the unit I rented alone (which was getting too small for my own good) to one which I share with 4 other people. Moved the stuff, and bade farewell to the place which had so much memories. Oh well, another chapter in this thing called Life. CHill!


I was watching CNBC and I saw this clip about a guy inventing something inspired by a straw . A drinking straw. This is what the internet is for. And might I say that it's brilliant advertising and PR. Looking forward to the next brilliant clip. CHill!

When The Going Gets Tough...

Usually the tough fight it out with the going. It's when the pressure is high and the deadline is near that the tough people suck it up and put their arses on the line. Then you'll know who's tough: when you stand by what you've done and take responsibility for your actions -- and deal with the consequences that arrive. This is true for relationships, for careers, in projects, and especially in teams where people tend to rally around either one person or rely on one another to pull through and tough it out. I just hope this phase gets done so that I can go back to doing what I really love and not have to worry about group dynamics... CHill...

Alone Hacking

I haven't done this for quite a while: the hustle and bustle of deployment and staying overnight babysitting an application running in a window, watching server stats in a couple other windows, and yet more reading and speculating on the code regarding where the next bug might be and what it could bring to the system. I missed this so much I don't mind going through one of these sprints once in a while. CHill!

When Chilling Out Meant Having a Good Time...

things were a lot more simple. No bills to worry about, no deadlines to beat, no nothing except you and maybe a couple of friends chilling out. Now chilling out means taking a break from the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday living in the city and just sitting on a couch in front of the TV and waiting for food delivered to my door. It's not meant to be a good time, it's just meant to be a break from what happens everyday. Good thing I have great friends whom I know I can count on when the going gets tough. But today, I'm taking a break alone. CHill.

Home and Settled

I got back as scheduled Tuesday morning Philippine time, and my days have been packed since getting back. Bug hunting season is still open even though I'm already here in the Philippines. I believe I've just recently been able to help fix a bug (or figure out a solution) that's been keeping a deployment from going full swing. I sure hope I get a lot more productive days out of this practice. I'm learning a lot, and am loving it. CHill!