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a few days ago, i was part of a team which won 3rd place at the wireless challenge held at the westin philippine plaza. now, i am modestly 50,000 pesos richer. and aside from that, i'm one year older (last July 27). and politically, im beginning to think that the philippine government needs an overhaul. but then that's just me.

something noteworthy though is a little story which i would like to tell about me, and a certain lady i love. to cut the long story short, apparently i really don't mean anything to her at all, and that i could might as well die and she wouldn't care a tad bit about me. oh well, but then that's life. and there are a lot of women that deserve my love aside from her -- it's just that i've been to busy making her love me instead of learning to love other people.

and as i get older and a bit wiser, im still going to be the person that i am. and as far as i'm concerned, i'm just gonna live my life and be happy doing it. no wo…

perception, emotion, ideas, and life. they all mix well together -- shaken not stirred as how James Bond would like to have it. however the normal geeky person like me would prefer a little of each and every thing not related to what I actually like doing. i'm talking about the dynamics involved in dating, life, friends, and things like plays and poems.

however, i also tend to believe that life is meant to be lived as well as not put to waste. and aside from wanting to do a lot of things and a few things that i have to do, i think life is full of things that you put in it. i believe that my life is what i make it, and by some predefined and discreetly and non-obvious plan which is beyond my comprehension, is meant to go somwhow this way. this doesn't affirm any religious theories that have been fed to me by my past scholarly experiences, however this is something that people have more or less come up with in relation to trying to explain things that is beyond them.

now …
burned out

had dinner with a girl i admire monday, tuesday was a 7-7 day, and now i'm puffed out. tired, exhausted, what have you... i know i could go on and have fun still, but im dead tired right now to do something really stupid or even productive -- to do anything for that matter.

i know i've still got to go on and live, but im so darn tired that i can't even think straight. maybe a few more hours in bed should help.

anyway, im absent for the whole day, and somewhat detached from my friends. perhaps a day isn't too much to ask for myself.

tryin' to chill...
im on a high

i'm on a high! i just got a new mobile phone (+639198720686), qualified for a contest, and just went out with a lady i admire.

anyway, i really had a nice week, and just now a nice day. hope this gets me into something positive. :)

should start making myself better, for i have found renewed vigor and reason to go on. :)

still chillin'... :)

it's a nice feeling when you hack at things... but then it's generally not nice to bash at anything -- especially if it's your head.

bashing here, is used in the sense that you would be beating yourself (or a certain part of your body, or another person's body, or intellect, etc.) to a pulp just to get things out. more like torture, but torture is sometimes correlated to things done to you that you don't like. but in my case, i'm just bashing my head in for a lot of things. and when i say a lot, i mean a lot.

it's hard to keep up with one's life especially if everything around you seems to not want to cooperate. i have 20 units enrolled this semester, and as early as now i feel the wear and tear that it's been causing me. and considering that the semester is just a few weeks old, i'm already feeling the effects of it. now i have to remind myself all over again that this is all for me, unlike then when everything was seemingly being don…