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Everyday, I am getting fascinated more and more by the technology literally in the palm of my hands when I look at and use my cellular phone. Thanks to the ingenuity and vision of the makers of the Sony Ericsson K750i, I enjoy the features that make my life a little more enjoyable and bearable amidst the hectic schedule I have. Like the fact that I can actually access my email from my cellphone using IMAP4+TLS/SSL?! If only it wasn't so darned expensive to access information through the SMART's GPRS network... Anyway, this is how my dad's cellphone looks like (treated at an angle up close and embarassingly personal). I wanted to see how it would turn out treated as a subject in black and white. I don't know why I feel that the omnipotence and omnipresence of anything is best captured using black and white photos. I feel that it preserves the object, but takes out the frills and color otherwise distractions to the scene. I feel that it also allows me to capture what is i


I've been dabbling with photographing almost anything around me, and a couple days ago I snapped up quite a number of pics. I know I need to improve with the photography (treating the subjects, angles, framing, etc.). So much to learn, so litte time. But it's alright, I'm patient enough (I think). Scroll? This is a black and white treatment of tissue paper and a ball-point pen on a table at home. Wasn't going for anything artistic, but I was trying to capture the details and pun of the situation. Meow. This is a snapshot of a cat poised right in front of me at our store here in Calauan. The cat grew at the store, as she was born there too. I never thought cats could be good keepers of the store. Tool. I tried to make the simple umbrella look like an omnipotent tool, and a powerful device. I think I broke a couple of rules and techniques for taking photographs when I took this photo, but I'm still learning. ;) Help! The shot makes me look like a little child

Fotographus Adiktus

It's amazing what a 2.0 megapixel camera allows you to do. It's really something else, especially when it's the first time you actually get to own a digital camera for the first time. It stirs up a lot of emotion in me, since one of the things I've always wanted to do is snap photos of a lot of things around me. I've fallen in love with photography even with just a non-professional grade camera. And to show how much I like taking them nice photos, I'm uploading a few which I snapped up at my grandparents' estate here in Laguna. Nothing's as good as the real thing, but the beauty around was something I hope I was able to capture (for the first time using my camera). Comments on the photographs are most appreciated. Freakus Plantus -- I called this "freakus plantus" because of the way I tried to portray it in sepia filtered mode. I wanted to highlight the lines of the plant's leaves and the detail of the leaves in contrast with the backgroun


Please do check out my latest blog "mob stow" and see how you like the content. I plan on putting up more stories up there, and the comments are most welcome. If in case you want to submit stories that you want to have photo's inlaid, please contact me either through this blog or via SMS -- the new number is +639287291459. I can probably help out with the taking pictures. At any rate, if you want to be a member of the mob stow blog, just drop me a line and I should be able to add you as soon as possible. CHill...

The Workplace

Blogging has become so much fun with my new phone so I'm showing everyone how my workplace looks like while I work on a project at this time of day. Yes, it's a project for the day job, and the work hours and environment is getting to me. I can't concentrate (with the new phone, and with other things going on) that well, but I like my progress. You must be thinking that "Hey, it's a sunday morning and you're working?". Yes, I work during Sunday mornings. That's how much I love coding, and that's how much dedication I put into the current projects I'm working on. At what expense? My lovelife. Yes, I'm married to my job(s) -- making me a poligamist but in a productive sense (or so I'd like to think). Maybe other things might keep me going, maybe the airconditioning and the coffee I just downed a couple hours ago. That should have given me the z's, but alas they don't work that often for me anymore. I should blog a lot more often

Sony Ericsson K750i

I love my new phone! It has everything I've ever wanted, and thanks to my dad and the power of the improved banking system, I can actually afford one. I'll be posting some pics I snap up from time to time, and I'm still looking at a better way of uploading them using my phone as compared to linking it up to the computer all the time to upload it. And guess what -- interfacing the phone via USB is possible on Linux! So I actually get to carry around a diskette (or a couple dozens of those pesky little buggers) around in my phone! Sony Memory Stick Duo's aren't cheap, but I guess my extra money will go to those little life savers. Good thing about it is the 2.0 megapixel camera which takes impeccable high-resolution images. And did I mention that I can get the photos in Linux?! I can actually access the memory card in the phone as a removable mass storage device -- and copy/paste files like on any regular device! No need for me to invest in a separate USB storage devi

DSL at home?

I'm currently contemplating on getting myself a DSL connection at home -- right after realizing that I really need it now. Especially now that I need to work and collaborate with a lot of people over the vast Internet. I'll let everyone know what comes out of this endeavor. For now, I need to get back to work to beat the deadline set at Friday. Yes, this coming Friday. I just hope I can get that required spark of brilliance and much needed inspiration to finish the assignment. CHill...

Jazz Discovered This is a definitely good find -- both acoustically and lyrically (if you consider saxiphone solo's as lyrics like I do). Froget Kenny G, he's for your mother. Boney James is for the next generation Jazz lover. You get the sweet innocence of unforced and sensually strained jazz sax lines without the commercial quality of Kenny G and Dave Koz. Of course Dave Koz is a legend, and so if Kenny G, but look out for Boney James. If you haven't heard him yet, I certainly recommend his "Pure" album to tickle your auditory nodes. If you haven't really found saxiphones really sexy or in the least sense sensual, then there might just be something wrong with your jazz sense. CHill...