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Have you seen the movie ? I somehow know how that feels. But with WiFi and the other things that make an airport more cozy (like great seats, and other things), I don't mind staying here a while -- just not a 9 month long while. :) Philippines, here I come! :) CHill!

Homeward Bound

I'll be flying back to the Philippines on Sunday Feb. 25th, arriving Feb. 27th. I sure hope the Philippines is just as I remember it. It's been just a couple of weeks, and I don't miss so much the place -- but I do miss the people. CHill!

Late Under the Weather

I stayed up until 2 AM today before hitting the sack (or more like tossing and turning in the bed) because since bug hunting season was open I had been faced with a certain challenge a simple fix could not remedy. Because of this, I'm not 100% right now, and might not be able to perform productively. It's never a good idea to stay up late and try to fix things but it's an ordeal developers usually have to go through -- and almost always for the wrong reasons. Trying things left and right and seeing each trial fail can be called an "exercise in futility" but I look at it in a different view: every failed approach lets you know how *not* to do it in the future. Life lessons learned should be life lessons shared. CHill! (quite literally, here in San Francisco)

Early and Productive

I came in around 9 am into the Friendster office, and have been very productive since. We've squashed a couple of nasty bugs causing problems in the tests, and will be continuing to go ahead and hunt some more bugs pertaining especially to memory management issues. It's definitely something else being able to work on really interesting stuff. I'm learning a lot reading code and understanding legacy systems better. Though I'm a ground zero design/implement kind of guy, I'm getting the hang of working with other people's code and putting into practice some debugging and re-design/re-implementation techniques I've only been able to read about. Although a major re-design won't happen anytime soon, I'm definitely looking forward to being more productive as the days go by. Mental note: when modifying someone else's code, it's always a good idea to put yourself in another person's shoes and try to understand what he was thinking first *before* y

Irish Pub

There's something about Irish pubs that I just really love. It might be the ambiance -- the wooden furniture, soft lighting, and maybe the beautiful bartender(s) -- or the drinks -- Guiness, lager on the tap, the whiskey, and occasional Jager -- but I definitely think it's the combination of all these. Wanted to get a couple of beers, but the Marriott Courtyard's bar closes at around 11, so I walked up the block around the corner to Kate O'Briens and I was not disappointed. Though I was expecting to make small talk with the beautiful lady behind the bar, I was just puffed out and wanting the solitude and anonymity. I did catch her on being Irish with the way she talked, and found out that her parents (or grandparents, the music was a bit loud) were Irish. Nothing better than an Irish bred lady bar tender after midnight. So much for Valentine's, I'm kinda feeling a bit more vibe towards St. Patty's day in that little corner on Howard Street. I'm mid-way t


According to this , Positive (n.) -- Characterized by or displaying certainty, acceptance, or affirmation: a positive answer; positive criticism. And I'm very positive of how things are looking like here in San Francisco. Definitely Thrilled and Positive. CHill!


Sailing takes me away To where I've always heard it could be Just a dream and the wind to carry me And soon I will be free -- Sailing by Cristopher Cross San Francisco is just surreal. Not much else to say, but I love it here. Definitely love it here. CHill!


It's my first night in San Francisco, and I'm definitely excited about what the day would be like tomorrow. I'm still up and about, and am going to be getting a couple of beers at the bar downstairs just to get myself soused enough to sleep. We were served breakfast at the airplane an hour before we landed, and that's screwed up pretty much my body clock. Though I'd like to go out and grab something to eat, I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about the prospects of walking alone on Market Street at night. So if you're in SF, CA and would like to meet up, it would be an adventure. I'm here until Sunday next week, unless Friendster wants me to stay a bit longer *hint* *hint*. :D CHill!

Queue Hell

I just came back from the DFA, because I had to renew my passport in time to go to the US. All I can say is that the queues can drive you mad, especially if the people around you are not considerate of the concept of "personal space". But I guess here in the Philippines, people don't really have a concept of "personal space" -- just check out the MRT, busses, and jeepneys cramming everyone into a metal container like sardines in a can. Though the queue was hellish, it's worth it: I'll be able to get my renewed passport on the 9th. I just got wind that I'll be leaving for San Francisco on Sunday evening Philippine time, and will be arriving on the 11th there. I'm definitely psyched to visit San Francisco again, having been there once before for just a few hours. Now I get a week to stay in San Francisco and figure out what other cool things I can do there, and perhaps meet up with people who are just around the vicinity. I suppose I'd like to

Day One at Friendster

I started yesterday at Friendster, and I should say I think I'm going to have the same fun I've been having at O&BSL in this environment. Not only am I surrounded by brilliant fun loving people, the work I'll be doing is definitely interesting especially to me. I'll most probably be flying to the US next week to meet the people there and get the hang of being "part of the team". I definitely look forward to working with the people here as I move on to a new chapter of my life. Not much else to say, but that I'm psyched to work with Friendster for the year 2007. CHill!