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Showing posts from May, 2007

Weekends Are Meant To Be

Relaxing. Had a fun-filled weekend and now I'm re-charged to start working on the stuff I need to work on again. I just hope things keep going my way as the weeks turn into months. That's just about it for me today, more to come tomorrow. CHill!

Mac Love

I'm writing this blog entry using an iMac. And I definitely love it. I should get myself an iMac instead of a MacBookPro. I should really do that for my birthday. I might do that later, if I can't be talked out of buying one. That is how much I want to have a Mac. I am in Mac envy right now. CHill...

TurboGears and Top Secret Project

I'm working with a friend of mine building this site based on a cool idea. I really think this one will fly, and I'm having fun learning and using TurboGears . Okay I'm swallowing my pride and admitting that it's really productive programming with Python . That being said, I still love C++. The project is still going on, and I'm doing it in my free time. CHill.

Now this is music...

Once in a while I go through YouTube to try and stumble upon amazing instrumentals, and I can't believe my luck when I got to this video. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Far out Bassline! CHill!

Sleepless in Calauan

It must be the not getting used to the silence in the province, or my feeling disconnected from my roots. But I guess there really is no sleep for the damned. So I find myself pondering on something I would really like to do someday: write a book. I don't have a very good life story to tell (yet I think, but I guess my parents and maybe close friends will disagree) and I haven't enough expertise like some people I know in C++ programming. I do have a passion for writing as evidence of this blog and a couple others I maintain, and I do have a passion for sharing what I know. I scooted on over to (thanks Charo for the link a couple months back) and asked myself three times: do I actually do it? If I do it, what would that mean to my time? I don't mind spending my time in front of my laptop(s) hacking away on code, but would I actually have the patience to write down a book in a coherent manner compared to what I'm doing right now with my blog? I guess I could tr

Do Bloggers Take Weekends?

Apparently, Bloggers Take Weekends too. I'm subscribed to quite a number of blogs using Google Reader and I certainly feel odd having to look at an empty list... Maybe there's a blogger's creed that I'm missing? Some document which says that "Bloggers shall take weekends for themselves and not blog!". Maybe someone has to come up with that "Blogger's ten commandments" thingy... Something like this . CHill!

Getting Back Into the Groove

Last week I seemed distracted by a few things which had nothing to do with my work. But my work seemed to be distracted nonetheless. I guess this is because I haven't been sleeping much and that I've been doing much more than what was required of me. So now I'd like to get back into the groove: I'd like to get into the office by 8 AM in the morning, get out at 5 PM, get to the gym by 6 (or earlier), get home by 8, and have a maximum of one hour checking my mail and working on an open source project. This is something I hope to achieve next week, right after the Philippine Elections and the fiesta in our little town of Calauan, Laguna, Philippines. I just hope I can do it and stick to this schedule. CHill!

Oh Sniffles

Today in Manila, it rained. It's not even mid-May and we've got the rain coming. I know, people get all sorts of problems with health when the weather changes. More people develop sniffles because of the change in the temperature (slightest changes in temperature mean a big deal, why I have no idea). If there's one thing to be thankful for, is that I realized that the weather will always change -- and that's a reminder that in life, the only constant is change. I can't articulate it yet, but I do think that the weather and how our body reacts to it is very interesting. Does wonders to the mind. CHill!

Being In Love

They say being in love makes you go crazy. How crazy? Well, you wouldn't mind being stuck in traffic as long as you're on your way to her place -- unlike how you'd be very angry being late for a business meeting. You know the end result would be that if you were late the person you'd be meeting with will be angry or at least disappointed: the difference between going to someone you love and going to a business meeting is that you wouldn't mind the person you love when they actually scream at you for being late 'cause you know you'll do everything to make it up to that person; in business you'd have give a very bad impression which you may not profit from. You wouldn't mind going to her work place and get kantiawed at because all of it really doesn't matter. Just as long as you'd be with her, you'd pretty much want to do it anyway. It doesn't matter that you'll spend a hundred bucks (plus plus) just to get to her place, and anothe