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Walhello Ok, now if you want your chedule publicised the easy way? You could check out this page which I stumbled upon while googling at this time of day. I'm searching for a service which would suite my needs for publishing my public calendar. I find it useful to let people know what I would be doing at certain times on certain days so that when they need to contact me, they would be able to do so easily by knwing what i would be most probably doing at a certain time and date. A priceless find, suitable for businesses and individuals alike.


Now I can't sleep, and I might as well do something productive. I'm in the middle of configuring a Linux kernel for this desknote, and documenting what I have done to get this desknote up and running as how I want it. I'm still looking for a place where I can put the document, because I don't have any access to webspace which I could call my own. I don't know if putting it on my personal webspace in UPLB would do, but then that site experiences too much downtime. I'm feeling hesitant to put it on my page, because it's free, and besides I don't want to use up too much of Jijo's hard drive space. I might ask help from a few friends with some webspace to spare, or i might just as well put it up at some mailing list archived forever, which google may access for further note. I'm thinking of lending my services to people too, charging them in the process. I discovered that I have an uncanny liking for rendering service to people in n

Definitely Complex

Have you even wondered why people never get tired of doing the same thing over and over? I mean, getting up at 530 in the morning, going to the same workplace you went to yesterday, doing the same boring thing for 20 years? Don't you get bored with that kind of life? Of course everyday is a new day, but the outline of the day is definitely monotonous. Day in, and day out, only the interesting things happen elsewhere, and aside from that if anything interesting ever happens, it just passes and the next day you're back to the same old routine. My life, is definitely complex as it is now. Piled up workload, and too little time to spare for anything. And then what happens when you fit me into a routine like that? I break. I just stop, and do nothing. Or at least, do the minimum I can and hope that the cycle breaks. Especially if the routine is so simple, and so manual -- involving very little mindwork, save for a little math and a little reading -- i just hate what I'm do This one should fit the needs more or less of those who have internal PCI internal modems that run in Windows, and would like to make use of them when they eventually do Linux. These modems are called winmodems, and certainly knowing what's happening behind the scenes is crucial to understanding how to make these things work. These modems are cheap, but the time it would take you more or less to set them up in Linux is expensive. Might as well buy an external modem connected via the serial ports, so that you'll have less problems. Just don't buy an external winmodem. :) Thanks again to the cyberlizard, for pointing me to this resource. :)

Oh what the heck...

I'm stuck here at home for a good week or so, and all I do is hole myself up in my den, and hack away at something really interesting to me. I mean, I know I should get a life, but the life I want to live is at the other side of the world! I want to live in a place where everybody is different, individualism rules, and the population is diverse. Here in where I live, the population's more or less made up by only three kinds of people -- those who care but know nothing, those who don't care but know a lot, and those who would care less about anything. I mean come on, I know you have something better to do than lie around or sit around doing nothing? err, maybe aside from smoking? I live in Calauan, Laguna -- a place stuck in the 70's where the only semblances of modern living are the cars that pass by the street, the telephone service that absolutely sucks, and maybe a few computer shops in the poblacion . I am stuck in an environment where stagnation is a way of life

Tenes Empanadas Graciela

Tenes Empanadas Graciela One of the better games i've come across on linux. Of course, it's based on a classic (which I happen to never have known before). I got introduced to this by Mr. Eric Pareja himself, pusakat. Great discussion about linux and general questions algo get answered at <-- the IRC channel for the Philippine Linux Users Group. If you happen to use linux and get stomped somewhere, it's definitely nice to get help from somewhere. :D here is a link to the registration for the Philippine Linux Users Group mailing list. Have fun! :) Happy hacking! :D

<-- -->

<-- --> I'm getting tired of the default theme of GKrellM. and therefore that's why I looked around and found this, the GKrellM theme repository. A very welcome site, escpecially for frechening up that system stack on the right side of the screen. For more details on GKrellM, head on over to . This will definitely freshen up my desknote's looks. :D

Creating Debian Installers with PGI

Creating Debian Installers with PGI Now if you want your own Linux distro, this is a God sent tool for you. With a decade of experience and expertise behind this company, you know that you'll get something worth your while. I would most likely be using this tool to come up with my distro for HPC (Beowulf clusters). And surely I would be having a great time doing it. :) Thanks to sir pusakat (Eric Pareja) of the University of Manila Computing Center for pointing me to this tool a few months back. keep it chilled... :D

The CyberLizard

The CyberLizard I will forever be indebted to this guy, because of all the nights we've been talking with each other about the geeky stuff that only either of us would want to talk about anyway. well, at least online we never run out of things to talk about. aside from the fact that we always tend to discuss things on different sides of the spectrum, this guy is amazing. pop him a question and he'll definitely come up with something relevant to say. to the chat sessions that last through the morning after, here's to the cyberlizrd. just chill dude. :D

Neverwinter Nights for Linux

Neverwinter Nights for Linux I'm currently figuring out why the installer stops working after the first disk has been done with. I don't know if it's eject missing, or something's not right with the morphix installation. nonetheless, i'd be blogging my progress right after i get this working. time to read the FAQ's! :D

screenshot-desknote.png (PNG Image, 1024x768 pixels)

screenshot-desknote.png (PNG Image, 1024x768 pixels) This is what I typically see on my new Desknote. I just love this baby. And yes, thanks again to the cyberlizard, i now have 24 bit color on 1024x768 resolution in X. Thanks too to Mr. Winischhofer, it works just fine on this machine. :) I am currently installing Neverwinter Nights from Bioware . Yes, NWN on linux with the linux installer, and the linux client. now i'm chillin'... :D

Thomas Winischhofer - Main index

Thomas Winischhofer - Main index Thanks to the cyberlizard, tuko, Mr. JM Ibanez, this resource has given me a new hope that i would eventually take advantage of the hardware i have on this baby (Desknote). :) more news will follow if i get this thing working. :) i might even burn the morphix install to a CD. :) keep chillin... ;)

my best friend.

she's been there when i need her, and when she needs me, i'm there for her. we've known each other for close to seven years already (well, it has been that long) and when she needs someone to talk to, i pretty much fit the bill of the great listener. and when all's done, i try to give my best advice -- which reminds me, i should take anytime like now -- when she solicits it from me. and she does the same for me, and it's been like that ever since we knew each other. i know she's a very good friend, and i know that people would benefit from a friend like her. she's better than a girlfriend actually, we've been with each other with every up and down our collective lives have gone through. time passes, people come and go, and the first person i'll look for when the day is over is my friend. i look out for her as much as i can, and i do my best to be the best friend i could be for her. with all that said, i love her dearly. she's not like an

my new notebook...

this is just sweet. i love my dad for letting me have the things i like in life... a nice family, a very nice home, and a nice notebook. just the other day (that fateful Tuesday evening) my dad let me buy what i've been always wanting to have for my own. this is the new (or well, not so new) ECS Desknote A530 -- you can see the specs here . and while i was having trouble with woody and the vanilla 2.4.22 kernel patched with the ck2 patch from Con Kolivas, i don't still get the hardware detection i need from debian woody -- more details here . and for that precise reason, i tried out other Debian based distributions. and now, i'm using Morphix on this baby -- details available here . i might be writing a howto of sorts, if i get its features running well. i owe that much to the open source community who come up with such brilliant products such as Linux, the GNU tool set, and a lot more. now, i got to get back to work, and loving my dear baby here... ;) now i'm

Something really handy

mpi2-report.tex -- The MPI Specifications. I just finished modifying my prime number finder (one that's implemented on a beowulf cluster at the advanced science and technology institute (ASTI)) which also happens to yield mind boggling results. with the previous runs i have done, i get times of around 190+ seconds, finding all the prime numbers from 1 to 999999. and that was already surprising, considering that if you run it on one computer, it's really going to take more time than that. but with the modifications in, finding all the primes from 1 to 999999 only took about 5 seconds!! that was using just 5 nodes, and a chunk size of 10000 -- this may be confirmed, and test results as soon as available may be obtained by request via email. now i have to find a setup where the cluster is really homogeneous, and where the loads of the nodes are unstable (or where the nodes are not dedicated for the cluster). anyway, more news to come as my sem draws to a close. i might b
too much data i'm dealing with too much data, and it has just to me. i accidentally pressed the template button instead of the post and publish buitton. and now all that i've written has gone to waste. well this is what you get for multitasking... doing two research projects at the same time (parallel computing and artificial intelligence). and now i'm not sure if i could keep it up anymore. but then i live for this, and therefore i should hang on. now i will have to spend more time on more things. but for now i need a break. just keep chillin'...
sincere how do you sound sincere? i mean, when do you know a person is really sincere? and if you knew for sure that the person you're talking to is sincere, would it change anything? would it change the way you feel about that person? i've said no to the person i though i wasn't going to be able to say no to. i'm moving on, form the person i thought i could never move on from. but now i'm finding that at times, she sounds sincere, and sincerely concerned. even if i counsciously think about it, yes she really did sound sincere a while ago. but should that change anything? and so now i think i know that she does care sometimes. it isn't said out loud, but then the thought comes when she says things that sound truly authentic. her: "umuulan na... ay, wala kang payong?" me: "wala e, pero ok lang." (after pausing for a moment to consciously taking note of her tone). i couldn't stomach the thought that things like that were
just say no being able to say no is something definitely not very hard to do (which before was something unheard of from me). i've been a busy person, and it's been a while since i prioritized myself for the sake of being aware that i need rest and that i need to do a lot of stuff for me. sure, doing favors (little ones) are fine with me. there's no problem with lending a helping hand, and my friends know it. but then with my friends, there are limits. i could only help to a certain extent, and usually only to the point that i help them become more productive. i usually don't do things for other people that they can do for themselves already. if you know me, you know that much. anyway, if you're not a special someone to me (or if more appropriately, if i don't know that i'm a special someone to you) then you can't expect any special treatment from me. you can't demand too much of my time, and neither can i demand from you -- not that i ever
another day during this time of the day, i usually am the most productive. yes, at 1:30 am, I am most productive. I'm not sure if I am just nocturnal by nature, or my years in college has forced me be this way. anyway, a few interesting things happened to me today, and i wuld like to remember these things and immortalize them on my weblog. first off, i took the final exam on a computer science course, which i neglected so much i think i'm gonna flunk. i've been too busy looking at and doing complex things that simple matrix operations are going past me -- and consequentially dragging me down. i know i could do what was being asked of me in the first exams, but it seems that i need another wakeup call from the heavens (or from my instructors). i hope i pass that exam, because that's the least i can hope for to at least pass the course (30% of the final grade rests on the final exam, so it counts a lot). another interesting thing is the thrill of looking at diff
sick i was down with a fever wednesday, and now i'm up and about -- yet still not feeling well. well anyway, i'm just thankful i'm feeling better as the days go by. now i really have to work out, and improve this state of my body. anyway, the papers will be use out his week, and should be something to look forward to. i sure do look forward to finishing them up already. it's really hard to work when you're body's not up to the task. anyway, have anice day people! :) bawal magkasakit!