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Batman Begins

This is something a serious Batman fan like myself would need to watch. It might not be the flashy movies with really long (sometimes meaningless) action sequences, or the big films with big stars, but it definitely is a very good idea. See, one of the best superheroes who does not have special superhuman powers deserves a lot more history than aliens flying in tights and a red cape. Come to think of it, Batman is the only superhero I know who has no superhuman capabilities and certainly relies on intelligence, martial arts, and ever so cool gadgets to get the job done. Although at some points in time, he works with others, it is so much more interesting when he's going it alone. If you look at the character, you might want to think that he would be a great villain. If he did become a villain, he would be like what Triple H is in the wrestling industry -- very very cool, very very "powerful", and very very much hated. See, if a villain had all the attributes of Bat

Rackmount Obsession

A quick look at these Rackmount Chassis for external RAID subsystems make me go "I want those for my own servers..." But you can only go so much as dream on and wish that someday -- someday -- I'm going to be able to work with these servers. I know it's not really hard, but it's just different working with servers stacked on a rack, in a climate controlled server room where the air is nice, cool, and clean. Chances are I'd be administering them remotely but where's the fun in that? I sure hope that I get to deploy rackmounted solutions in the near future... I'd love to get my hands on these babies right away and feel the power of rackmounted servers... Not that they would be any different with non-rackmounted ones, but they look somewhat more sophisticated. So much better than a box lying tall underneath your desk or beside you rmonitor. That mini-tower server form factor is GOING DOWN. althouth I just wish that happens, so that all the servers

Why oh why...

Why is it that whenever life seems so nice and sunny, crap drops from nowhere and starts reaching the fan on its own? This is what I don't understand... But I do believe that God works in mysterious ways. And He won't let people go through what He knows we can handle. Watched bruce almighty yesterday (again), and it has a very very interesting message. I don't want to analyze the film, although it's a very very good film to watch and learn from. Yes, the stars were big, but that doesn't shadow the fact that the movie makes sense. And that, is a very very nice thing going for films and people. I'm just swamped with work. And there are problems that need solutions fast. I miss my friends... CHill...

Work Anybody?

They say there is not enough work around. I say otherwise -- there's too much work in the hands of too few people. I'm currently STILL looking for PHP and J2ME developers to work full-time in our company, as well as a secretary who can keep my schedule and do the writing that needs to be done for the company. I need full time people who can go here to the office and work in a very light working environment -- no uniforms, no time-in-time-outs, just as long as I see that the deadlines are met. PHP developers with experience working on projects that require MySQL interaction -- I don't even require that the developer has graduated from any collegiate course at all, just so long has he/she has attended some college. Right now, I'm just looking forward to formalizing this "promotion" so that I could jump in with both feet and work things out with more authority. Now, to get back to work... Chill...