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Sore and Determined

I've recently been going to the gym, and I must say my body is sore. I'm feeling pain in places I never thought I had in my body -- or that I've taken for granted. Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads, Triceps, Biceps, Lats, and Abs. They all hurt one time or another, but I'm still determined to look the best I can before the summer. I'm not doing this for vanity's sake, I'm doing this for my health -- and the benefits of looking better as well. :D I shall document progress accordingly. CHill...

Transition Yet Again

The only constant in the world is change. Even though I had been having fun in the company I am still currently working with, I had been offered a chance to contribute to an endeavor where the skills that I've been developing for the past decade or so of my life would be very useful in another company. And that I would finally get the chance to work on something that's interesting to me: large scale high performance computing. Although the work I'll be doing wouldn't be "rocket science", I will be working on a vary challenging problem (or set of problems) which I look forward to working on. I've been pretty busy lately working for a company who's goal and vision is very similar to Orange and Bronze Software Labs' goal and vision which is to put the Philippines on the map in terms of software development -- especially in Free/Open Source Software development. I very well hope that I've been able to contribute the best work I can do, and that I&#