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The Pool

The pool. After a great evening with a handfull of friends and family, with lots and lots of booze and songs, I just can't help but post the pic of what the people who couldn't join missed... Somehow I think, getting older seems better.  CHill!

Outside the Red Box

How much luckier can I get? Three of them, one of me? I just love my friends -- they make me look good even if I don't deserve it sometimes. ;)  CHill!

+1 For Me

I am 1 year older today -- and I must say, it's been a long ways away from where I was last year. Last year I was living with my cousin and a couple of housemates -- now I'm alone in a rented unit here in Makati. Last year I was having issues with being lost, now I'm enjoying the fact that I've seen the light -- and try to do my best and live a Christian life. Issues I was dealing with last year were different but there's one recurring issue that I see myself dealing with for the next few years: a lifelong partner. See, I never really thought about it, but now I miss being cared for and caring for someone. I've had my fun yes, and a great relationship with someone I can relate to recently -- but I don't want to spend my days alone and not be able to feel how my father felt when I was born and while I continue growing and getting older. I want to feel what it feels like to stand in front of a crowd and profess my undying love for someone too. Yeah yeah, here&

Yahoo! VoIP

It's been a while, and I've been busy calling up relatives and friends in the US using Yahoo!'s amazing _cheap_ VoIP offering -- you can get your own from and no, they didn't pay me (yet) to tell everyone about their latest offering. If Google gave me that option, I would have taken that route instead... But I guess Yahoo! has a lot more connections in different industries to make these things happen quicker and cheaper. You wanna be phone pals and you're in the US? Email me so that we can exchange numbers. CHill!

Why PLDT Should Think...

Warning: If you're a PLDT fan, I suggest you stop reading now . The Philippine Long Distance Telephone company which provides mediocre fixed line services fails horribly in customer relations and customer friendliness. Here's why: Day 1 -- I call and ask about my DSL installation schedule. A week had already passed, and they had given me a week to get DSL installed in the unit I am renting. Aside from the fact that it took quite a while for them to process my fixed line application (for voice service), I had to ask them what was going on with the DSL application. I get the standard line: "Sir, we can't commit a date but please expect it during the week..." -- so I say okay, let's give them another week. Day 2 -- I call them up again ( dialed 141 - 4 - 4 ) to follow up, and get the same response. Same old sh*t I say, but remain patient on the line with the customer support agent. Day 3 -- I call them up again, but this time I'm asking them to please exp