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Day 10 - Good Lunch, Lost Weight!

Today I got up pretty late. I've just had lunch and it's been a while since I've had a good meal for lunch. I weighed myself as well today, and I'm now 193 lbs! Compare that to 205 lbs a couple weeks back, and I'd say I'm in pretty good shape. Thirty three pounds to go and I'm within the safe weight range. Another fifteen pounds after that and I'd say I'll be in very good shape. This isn't so bad, the diet is definitely growing on me. Until tomorrow!

Day 7,8,9 -- Batteries, Traffic, and Missing Someone

My girlfriend's phone is dead and she's in her province. I'm here in my province and I can't reach her because my phone batteries are close to dying now too. Yesterday traffic was insane and it caused us (the family) at least six hours yesterday in total waiting for traffic to move. I'm not in the mood for blogging right now which should show. I miss my baby so bad. Until tomorrow.

Day 6 - Dad's Home... Oh, and School too.

Dad's back home! He wasn't gone for a long while but he had the chance to get a change of scenery good enough to change his mood. Now he smiles more than before he went to the US for that break. I on the other hand am doing alright, though I'm still getting the hang of the diet. Like right now, I'm craving for something filling but I can't just have anything I think of. So still the challenge is the food -- but it's slowly getting better. I should be able to weigh myself now and feel like I'm under 200lbs; and I'm confident about it. So the day was alright, hours and hours spent traveling from Makati to Laguna and back. The class wasn't that interesting, just a couple new interpolation methods discussed: more to study for the exam. Slowly this studying thing is becoming a chore and I'm slowly regretting why I even signed up for finishing it *now*. I was looking forward to this but now I'm looking back and I'm thinking perhaps my instincts

Day 5 - Work, Food, Work?

So I'm back in the office now. It's not a joke this job that I do... It's not a joke by a long shot. So when there are meetings, conversations, things to do, and other issues that need to be resolved the last thing I want to think about it eating. But then when you're in a metropolitan city where all the conveniences of the modern life -- and modern food -- are at an arm's reach, how can I avoid thinking about food? The answer is I don't. I think about it like I ought to think about it: what I can eat and what I ought not to eat. I can talk about it and I can think about it but I stick to the food that I should eat. I get it from friends and work mates: "So what *can* you eat?". The answer is simple: only those that's good for me. That means low sodium, low fat, high fiber, low/no sugar, virtually no cholesterol, all good natural food. And that's not just because I'm on a diet to lose weight, that's also so that I can stay a bit longer

Day 4 - Each Day Gets Better

Each day gets better. Not only does my love for my girlfriend grow stronger every day, the chest pain I've been feeling for the past week is starting to go away. Today is the first day I feel that I can do anything and move about without the chest pain bothering me. When I woke up this morning (pretty late) it felt different. I wasn't feeling any discomfort in my chest anymore -- or at least it's not like it used to be. Now I'm enjoying this day like I used to enjoy everyday with virtually no pain in my chest. I also had a very nice IM conversation with my love -- who also commented on my first day post -- and all I can say is that my day is going very well. I hope the coming days are more like this day, and that the road to reversing diabetes and hypertension would be as nice as this day. If there's something that I need to get through which will take more out of me than anything else I've ever done is saying "no" to a lot of the food that I used to e

Day 3 - Family Day

It's Sunday -- Family Day -- and my uncle, aunts, and cousin are here in the province to visit my grandmother. I always loved family day because it gives me a chance to get back in touch with family. Topic of the day is my diet and my illnesses. It's no secret that our family is very open with each other and that I'm very thankful that our family sticks together through thick and thin. I feel definitely lucky that I was born into this family even though almost everyone's got health problems among other problems in life. One of my aunts also has heart ailments/abnormalities and she's now 50+ years old. We have the same congenital heart disease (mitral valve prolapse), hypertension, and high cholesterol levels. But she's very strong and has the brightest outlook in life. I definitely admire her and look up to her as far as being strong and sticking through it goes. I'd like to live up to 50 or even more (my grandpa lived up to 72, and was strong for most of th

Day 2 - Sinking In Hopefully

So I'm diabetic and hypertensive... It used to be so easy to decide what I'll eat and how much -- it used to be anything I thought of, and as much as I can have . Today is different: I've got to follow the diet else risk worsening the situation I'm in. I'm taking five different medicines: one for diabetes, one for hypertension, one for fixing my digestive tract functions, one for the ulcers, one for the esophagus' wounds. I take some before meals, some before breakfast, some after meals. Figuring out the schedule takes time and I think I'm going to get the hang of it after a few days or after a week. This is just another challenge which I hope I can overcome soon. I just have to make it part of my routine -- drink meds before eating, eat what's allowable, drink meds after eating. I should get some exercise into the mix as well but not too much since I have Mitral Valve Prolapse . Given that I need to lose weight to keep the diabetes under control and to

Day 1 - Pain, Suffering, and Relief

How do you live with a disease and let your loved ones see your suffering? If you're single (like me) how do you convince your girlfriend that spending the rest of her life with you will be worth it? How do you make it all better when you yourself are degenerating by the day? These are very tough questions that require two answers. First answer would be: in a relationship, it's not all your burden to bear . Second answer would be: you shape up and do your best to be the best person you can be for yourself and the relationship . Having spent close to one week in a hospital for chest and nape pain gave me a glimpse into what the troubles people in relationships where one person is suffering face. Only this time I'm the suffering one and my girlfriend can only be there and watch. Not only was I suffering from the pain of my condition, but I also felt the pain of seeing my love suffer every time I squint and writhe in pain. Trust me, unless you're really screwed up in the b

Rhythm and Blues

A hectic week last week was capped by a well-deserved nightcap. A couple of Heineken's and I'm good to sleep through the weekend. Uncle was in the hospital, he went under the knife, but he's doing alright now -- had the chance to spend the weekend without worrying about work or whatnot. So I guess now I need to get into some kind of rhythm and be productive again. I've always been able to jump-start myself into productivity, but somehow nowadays am not as able to do that. Maybe has something to do with the weather. At any rate, I would strive to be able to blog more often and talk about more of my life and what I think. CHill.