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Showing posts from May, 2004

8 Hours of NWN

This is the reason why I played a paladin through from scratch to 7 seasons. And what made me stop? The sun rising. YES, I am hooked on to the online gaming for neverwinter nights. Now I know the money I spent on buying the original installer was well worth it -- I wouldn't be able to do this if I hadn't paid good money for the game. Am I having any regrets? YES -- Why in the world couldn't people stay awake for more than 48 hours at a time without eating, drinking, or sleeping? And WHY do I ever have to stop playing?! Go figure... Yes, I'm an addict. Chill... :)

New Career Options

I just finished watching legally blonde 1 (where Elle Woods becomes a lawyer), and I suddenly got some insipration to try my hand at going to law school after my BS Computer Science degree. I'm not sure though how I would be faring in the US, once I get there. Or I might consider studying law here in the Philippines, and then try my hand at politics. These are options I could take, but I'm not losing sight of the goals I have set for myself. I'm still eyeing that 1 million pesos by 25, 1 million dollars by 35, and a Ph.D. by 45 -- then teaching at UPLB after all has been said and done. I might even consider politics by then, but right now I'm still working towards my goal of graduating and making money for myself then my family. It seems to me that most people my age aren't too hard on themselves when it comes to goals and visions of the future. Maybe it's because of my early exposure to leadership training and stuff regarding personal development and idea

Happy Birthday Daddy

May 29, 1959 my dad was born. He's old now, but he's young in some ways. He's very very old fashioned, traditional in some ways, but nonetheless modern. He's someone I can talk to about almost everything, and he's a very vocal person. He's 45 years old, and he's put up with me for the last 20 years of his life. I thank him for doing so with selfless fervor and utmost dedication. Not one day did I see him ever quit, nor take losses like a gentleman. I love my dad, and this is a toast to him. Chill...

Calauan in the 21st Century

A month goes by, and here I am back on the net. I'm at my cousin's and they've gotten the taste of the 21st century in their living room, bedroom, office, and even yes -- the bathroom. Having high speed and high-bandwidth internet in your home will definitely change the way youlive your life and how you see the world. In 10 seconds (roughly the amount of time it would take the computer to log on to the internet) the world changes from a big blue planet to a web browser, a chat window, and a DSL line. It radically changes the way they live their life, being online most of the time, and the possibilities of doing A LOT of things are endless. I'm definitely thinking of staying here for the nights since what they have I need, and what I want they have. I NEED BROADBAND AT HOME. But with the rate everbody else in Calauan is living, (99% of the population I would say) it's like a time warp confined in this house and office. Having DSL at home is definitely a very pleas

Maroon 5 and Gmail

"This love has taken its toll on me, She said goodbye too many times before... Her heart is breaking in front of me, And I have no choice, 'cause I won't say goodbye anymore." -- Definitely true, and definitely Maroon 5. Of all the websites I've ever seen in my life, their's is by far the best -- bar none. You can check them out with accompanying music on their website (needs flash 6, and a healthy dose of musical taste) at . And I just got my gmail account, which is at mikhailberis at -- for general purpose mail and whatnots -- it's one gig of storage, and it's a pleasant offer from I'm already thinking about investing int the company, if I can't get a job there. Come to think of it, I should try sending them my resume and hope I get into the next biggest IPO since the .com bubble burst. Got Gmail? ;) Chill... :D

The ROCK has COME BACK from the DEAD

It's been a while -- quite a while if I may say so -- since I last poured out my heart on this piece of web space that I call (and many others call) a BLOG. I really miss how this theraputic tool for publicising personal insights into my person has changed my life for the better (and sometimes for worse). I get into trouble when I don't blog, and when I do blog, well I still get into some kind of trouble. But nonewithstanding, this blog has been a part of my life and I can't just turn my back away from it. Not now when I find more things to write about. The past month or so has kept me busy doing mostly nothing, and things I should have been doing a long time ago. Some people call it backlog, but I would really like to think of it as a breakdown in my time management capabilities. Things that out to have been done before are still needing to be done now. Some projects that need to be finished are going along really slowly that it's not very pleasant anymore. And even