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Awkward Acquaintances

Now the title of this post is a handful to type. I'm not sure if it was intentional or just a couple of words that so happened to be really hard to put together. I have a few questions that I never found an answer to in 25 years of life: 1. How do you cross that line between acquaintances and friends? 2. How can you tell when a person is a friend and an acquaintance? 3. When is an acquaintance not a stranger, and a friend not an acquaintance? I ask these because I was recently in a situation where I felt like that acquaintance/friendship line was crossed, but I'm not really sure about it. This person I met (who shall remain nameless) has shared with me some of the burdens in her life while I listened intently trying to get to know her from that hour that we got to talk -- well, she did most of the talking anyway. Does that make me her friend, because I've given time to know her somewhat and was able to (I think) give her some comfort by listening? Can I consider her a frien


I'm just writing a quick note saying how much fun it is to be able to bond with friends and family over the Internet. Talking with them for a few minutes can do great wonders with cultivating a bond that lasts. So if you haven't talked with a friend or family for a long time already, try allotting a couple minutes to call -- it beats email hands down. CHill.