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I am alone here at Netopia in Alabang Town Center, and I don't have anything better to do between now and 10:45 pm -- which is when the movie I'm about to watch is going to start. I'm waiting for time, and trying to kill it off as I listen to launchcast, and post on my blog. I am wishing I had something better to do with someone, but right now I don't mind spending some alone time. For one, I am able to post on my blog in a public place. I like the anonymity, and I cherish these moments that I am anonymous, where I can be the person that I am. I want to be in a place where nobody knows my name, and where people don't mind me minding my own business. That is, only once in a while. My Y!M contact list is almost never empty, and I'd very much like a conversation right now as I kill time. I might try playing a game before I go grab some dinner. Or hook up with some friends from the area, or just go home watch TV until 10:45. It's getting a little more boring by


I am currently in the middle of downloading and printing resources which I will later be reading and citing for my thesis manuscript. For some reason I felt a sudden spark of motivation to actually work on and finish this manuscript tonight, or early morning tomorrow so that I can print it and submit the draft to my adviser. It feels so right, and now I don't feel encumbered by a lot of things happening around me (yet). I just hope this feeling and drive lasts me until the day breaks. CHill...

Lack & Abundance

When do you know you've had enough? When do you know when you haven't had enough? How much is enough anyway? Are you willing to settle for enough? And when you've had enough, what do you do? I think I want to do more, but I don't know what else to do aside from the following: 1) Love the Lord and serve him by doing the best I can do whenever, wherever, whatever. 2) Be a blessing to others by blessing them with whatever I can give. 3) Working on things that I really want to work on, with the people I want to work with, and with the tools I currently have. 4) Learn more so that I can be a better blessing to others though the knowledge I gain and the knowledge I share. Maybe I've been doing too much but I still feel that I can still do some more. Maybe the Lord is just grooming me for bigger and better things to come, but I certainly am thankful for whatever I have and do have now. I want to be able to play a bigger part of something -- something that the Lord has will