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My Beautiful Instructor

I now have a reason to get up and go to class early on tuesdays and thursdays. I never thought that having a beautiful instructor at the same age as I am would be so inspiring and motivating. A reason she definitely is. I just hope I keep a good showing given that I just came to that class today to find out where our room is. Eventually, I stayed when I saw her. It's such a nice day, that I feel like being productive and perhaps finish up the chapter on my thesis' related literature. Can't do that for another hour since I'm writing this entry on a jeep bound for Calauan. I'm definitely enjoying this. Chill...

Gimmick on a monday?!

I just got home from a great might out with my lady friends. I'm getting the hang of this blogging on the go, but I might have to limit this since MMS messages still cost 5 or so pesos each. Come to think of it, I can write less misspelled words with the cellular phone thanks to T9 SMS writing. I'd still have to explore the other options, but this is definitely one of the perks of being able to blog on the go. Maybe sometime, I'll write about something more pressing like perhaps how I feel or what I'm doing. But I'm having fun writing while I'm lying on my bed, reminiscing the day that had just passed. I still have to figure out mobile blogging with the pictures, but for now I still think this is enough for me. I should get some sleep now, still a hectic day ahead of me. Good night night lovers. Chill... PS. Message me at +639217841815 anytime of the day to reach me directly. Just let me know who you are so you don't get a rude "who are you" messag

Mobile Entry

This is a blog post I an writing on my cellphone while I'm doing something I'd much rather not tell everyone right now. This technology allows me to post whatever I think whenever I think it. I will be printing my first draft to be shown to my adviser tomorrow and I hope he aspecictes the effort I put to it. It's 48 pages long, single spaced. I'm off to my cousin's computer shop to get 2 copies printed - one for me, and one for my adviser. I cannot get over how much fun this mobile blogging really is! However I still really can't put images yet since I'm sending an email via MMS. In time maybe I can work something out that will allow me to do so. For now, I'll just enjoy this first. CHill...


This past two weeks of registration is summed up in one word -- unforgettable. Unbelievable? No, I believe. Undeniable? Yes, I can't deny. I've been through so many things in such a little span of time that I don't know how to share them online. I might give away information that I shouldn't be giving away, so I wouldn't. This time, I will post insights. I have learned so much about so many things, it's hard to put words down to describe or explain them. Thanks to my bestfriend I have been reminded to blog. Maybe I can blog about it better in the coming days, but right now I learned that having faith and hope are things that you should not forget. If you have both, then you don't have anything to worry about. And the thing is: never give up. I'm just enjoying life right now as well as the second chances that have just come my way. Too inspired to post objectively so let me enjoy the moment first and let the world know about it later. CHill...


How much Rest and Recreation can you get? How about R&R while working? Or working while you're on your R&R? I certainly need to find out what I'm going to do when the school schedule takes full effect soon. I know I should be able to do it, but somehow I'm still clueless as to what to do when school starts again in a couple of days. I feel somewhat like a freshman yet again, not knowing what to expect and what to do in the near future. It's been a while since I had this feeling, and I really don't like it. I might have more experience now, but that doesn't qualify me to be anything else yet other than a student still. Maybe I need to do a lot more than what I'm currently doing to improve my situation, or perhaps maybe I should learn more about myself and the field that I'm in to be more qualified. I'm just really happy that I can relax a lot while things aren't blowing up in my face just yet. I still have to get to the office tomorrow, b


I just stumbled upon this article while doing a search on "linux unix imitation" from and it looks at different sides of the Linux phenomenon that it has become. Sure, it is a dated article but still it shows a lot of legitimate concerns that users and developers alike have been seeing the past few years in Linux Operating Environment frontier. Other people have very many different views regarding Linux with relations to UNIX -- some say that one's a clone of another, while people like me (or I might be alone) will refuse to accept "per se" the premise and go on to say that one is a completely different innovation from the other. There's an interesting discussion between me and some unnamed person in the plug-newbies list regarding the definition of the word "clone" and the branding that Linux is a UNIX clone. [1] Although the discussion is moot and academic even from the start, it still is a very fertile topic for discussion. Of c

Wanna Live...

I wanna live here . And I might as well look for a good paying job or a business that I can run, so that I get to live there. Sounds really good, and is situated in a really nice place -- ok, so it's still in manila, and it's hard to find a nice place to live in there. Here I am doing the professional insomniac jig up until I need a real day schedule -- or have one. I'm behind schedule, and I couldn't help my teammate too much because I frankly can't be at too places at the same time. I also have another job to take care of, and it would seem that I need to learn more about JasperReports to get the job done. I'm planning to do it today, but it's beginning to look a lot like the usual gig is going to bite me again. Being stuck in the 70's doesn't help, but I'm pretty sure I have enough experience to last me up until the end of the year here. Too many fond memories in Manila has helped me grow and know more about myself, and build lifelong and las

Super Sayan Mode

I have a deadline for code modules that should be in and testable by the end of tomorrow -- and the test server is dead, the code I've written the past week has not been tested, this laptop cannot handle the requirements for building the application, and I'm stuck here for the next 24 hours (or less) to get things working. It's in C++, most of what has to be done is dependent on my teammate's output, and I have still to modify what he has already done. Tomorrow, I'll be spending most of the day passing correspondence, talking to people, travelling from one place to another (actually, travelling from UPLB to the office), and then finally getting the code to work at the test server. This I have to do before saturday, and next week will be the start of the code freeze and application testing. I have a lot more things to worry about aside beating the deadline, right now it seems that that's my most emminent concern. I know what I should do, but right now my brain ha


Yesterday I got to talk to my mom. I love her so much, and I miss her so much that I suddenly felt that I've been growing very far from the family that I so very much love and have been a part of all my life. Just a couple of days ago, I received a comment on my blog from the newest member of the Berris family (my second cousin Jeff's wife, ate Menchee) and I deelply appreciate it. I have been living with my cousin here in Manila, and I never really felt how lonely it can feel if you're away from you're family for a considerable while. My infrequent visits to Calauan every other weekend don't really feel like a touch of home base because mainly I still work when I get home. And besides, I sleep around more than 12 hours on weekends with the hope of trying to get my biological clock back on track. I'm pretty sure it's not working because well, frankly I'm still up at 2:30 am in the morning due to work . I'm not complainint, but I can't do anything