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I never thought about research as a really engrossing activity right until you actually discover or uncover some facts that you never might have thought were there. I could only talk about my thesis because I have just begun analyzing results I had been gathering for a semester or so now already. It seems that what has been written before about load balancing and processing distribution have a couple of stringent assumptions that may or may not be met in real life: first would be that the processors are the same (setup is homogeneous), and that global balance should be quantifiable. The first assumption is necessary to simplify the task of load balancing -- and stick as much as possible to solving the bin packing problem. However, in reality the bins don't all get emptied at the same rates, and the rate is not constant. The capacity is however, infinite (i.e. a processor can work forever or at least until it can perform as expected) but that hardly changes the setting of the pro

Time in...

Now I know (somehow) how it's like to actually get paid for the time you spend doing something (or nothing at all). The clunk of the clock when you punch in the card sounds so much like money now that it's hard to not want to go everyday and hear it. But then you can only have so much, and don't worry you might hear something about that when i get tired a little later... But then money isn't that fast especially when working for the government. Come to think of it, nothing's fast when you're working for the government (here in the Philippines). But then what can I ask for, work's coming to me (instead of me coming to work). I wonder how much better my Resume looks like now, especially with an appointment in a government office. Anyway, it should be working for me in more days than one. Keeping chilled.

Thesis Update

I just finished a preliminary data modeling session with the results I gathered from the ASTI cluster running the parallel number finder, and am currently seeking the possibility of getting the results into CDROM's. But from the looks for the control tests, something's going to have to give, especially in the theories regarding performance scaling, and the effect of having more nodes working on a huge problem. It's high time I read more on current studies regarding the effect of a load balancing method on the performance of a certain application. I'm now more convinced that some sort of load balancing and delegation would need to be put in especially on a system which needs to work under stress, and stay up almost all the time for a reasonable level of performance enhancement. Seeing the results, and checking what I already know about parallel computing, the communication network and distinct properties of networking hardware affects heavily the performance of a para

Work work work...

Another day comes, and another day goes. It's a 1:47 right now on my laptop, and I still don't feel like sleeping anytime soon. That'd be quite alarming considering that I've already been up since 8 o'clock in the morning yesterday. Doing a little simple math, I've been up for around ... 18 hours roughly since morning yesterday. And my body is not tired, and netiher is my mind. I'd like to share a secret to my "longevity" and my extended fun days. The one ingredient that keeps me going, is definitely passion. I live everyday looking forward to learning something new. Little things that are new to me never cease to amaze me. I am passionate about knowledge and learning, as well as the opportunity to enjoy my life. I am passionate about things I want to learn more about, and things I want to be better at -- certain activities like software development/engineering and seemingly neverending development cycles of sideline projects. Experiences, ba

First day of school for This year

How was my first day? Aside from the stuffy nose, aching head, and bad coughing, I'd say it's a day which allows me to say how much dealing with people is really hard. And it's really just a lot of realizations today, not because I realized a lot of things, but because a lot of things got realized. The day starts with my mother waking me up, and as I open my eyes I feel the headache brought about by either lack of sleep or the cold. Aside from that, it's really fun to wake up early for a change. But that didn't improve my constitution and I sleep a couple more hours just to get the headache away. Next stop, school. Did I forget work? Well, I couldn't suit up for work in this condition. But I HAD to get to school because I had to do a lot of things there, even in this condition. Ironic? Tell me about it. But alas, I took a quick cold shower, and got myself to school -- out of obligation to myself. What's more ironic? School felt great. Even if I didn

Where is the hope for us? - Jan. 03, 2004

Where is the hope for us? - Jan. 03, 2004 Is this how blinded we are of the capabilities of the Filipino? I certainly doubt how someone would think (amidst the reasons she herself cited) that the dung-hole we Filipinos proudly call home could go somewhere with this kind of mentality. I feel that she's relying too much on luck, and falsely on the accomplishments of people NOT HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES. Filipinos have done well abroad, because the environment there is nothing compared to the Philippines. Here, we all face corruption in everything -- yes EVERYTHING -- that we do. You recently got your driver's license? I never even got to look at the exam. If I had a choice, I would do it the right way. However, people in the Philippines makes doing the right thing very difficult. And yes, I'm complaining. I have been taught to think, and I have learned to think. The education I get, is something I refuse to take at face value, rather I appreciate the knowledge and emb

The CyberLizard on Vacation!

The CyberLizard Now is the time that I envy people -- people who can afford to take vacations, and have fun while they're at it. I definitely would like to know how fun it is to be able to enjoy a vacation... The last time I had a real vacation, was a few thousand miles away from home. And even then, it didn't ever seem like a vacation -- until I decided to make it one (a couple of days just before I was about to get back home). I miss taking breaks that actually re-charges me, and not make me worry more. I'm now accepting the fact the I have to go to work and school on Monday, with this raging stuffy nose I have and do my thesis and work tasks while I'm at it. I'm currently (at the moment) waiting for the tests to finish at the ASTI cluster, which I wish I put a website on (must talk to sir Denis about that) to advertise what the ASTI and I have been up to on that Beowulf cluster. I am also worrying HOW I could come up with a heterogeneous cluster that I

Movie Marathon

Cable TV is just a wonder. It just sucks you right in, and grabs hold of you until you can't take no more and would need to take care of more primal needs like urination and taking a dump or eating. However, there are the perks of reruns of old movies that had their day, and then some geeky flicks that inspire inner fire of dormant underachieving geeks like me. I wouldn't say underachieving would be a problem, but the current circumstances I am in just induce me to underachieve. Anything close to tring to achieve something here would be considered overachieving. Lying in status quo would be down right normal. But that's just another blog in itself (Read blog on Calauan). I've watched a couple of football games (a marvel, the game itself) and then a couple of movies. I never actually get the title of the flicks, but then the thought of a geek making money just inspires something in me that I cannot explain. Maybe it's because that's a very inspiring thought in