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Showing posts from June, 2003
journal for the past few days (week, to be exact) i have been juggling around my schedule and seeing how in the world i'll be able to put up with such a hectic pace, when you need to think, act, move, live, and love at the same time. i know of the saying regarding doing things one at a time, but apparently it doesn't work. i've been too preoccupied to even try and keep this habit of writing to my blog regular, but then i really have to, since this is one of the best things i've ever done for myself. i have a class, which requires me to actually have a journal, and fortunately i already have this blog. my teacher then let me submit the URL of my 'journal' as a replacement for a paper/pen/pencil journal. and for the past week, i've been huffing, and puffing, and wanting to blow my house to where i actually spend time, so that i wouldn't wast so much time on the commute. the week ahead, is a week when hopefully things normalize, and turn for th
swirl everything is in a swirl, and everything seems to get along with everything else, except me. it's like everything's passing me by, and i don't know why. it somehow feels like everything's meant to happen, but im not part of it. this kind of feeling is the one that tends to get me into depression and utter disconuity. but now i've learned to focus my efforts and learn from my surroundings. now, i just have to learn -- again. and what i learned before is to get into a new world, escape and start from scratch like a new person. and this is what i plan to do. i hope this works out for me. :) chill...
time being in a place where you are who you are, and at a time when later is now, makes it evident that you are one and all. being able to see who you really are, where you're really at, and know what you really know is the essence of being alive. taking time like it is a luxury escapes me as a concept because it really is something that you don't spend. you merely wade through it, like the sea that surrounds all land. time is that which holds everything in place and everyone attached. time keeps everything flowing, and continuity is always welcome to those who seek to live. everyone has his or her own being, that which who he or she alone knows. this being is not necessarily what others would like to see, and most of the time fail to see. to be someone that you are is something as essential as time to determine who you are now, and later. being yourself, and your being is one and the same. this is what time keeps in place at any given continous moment that you wad