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Flame Wars...

Last time I remembered being involved in a flame war was... Well... A couple of years ago on the PLUG Mailing List (archives here ) When I asked the following questions: - have you used Windows? did you like it? why? why not? - (assuming that you do use linux) what linux distribution do you use? - what are the things you see in linux that are not found in Windows? if any, what are the things in Windows that you don't see in linux? - what are the things in Windows that you would want to see in linux? - why do you think Windows users aren't switching over to linux by now? And the flame war starts there. If you follow the link, you might want to see what people had to say about the answers. Since then, I have vowed to debate online merely with technical matters, and in cases of opinion, I would try my best not to put emotion into the post and use politically correct posts as much as possible. Obviously, I fail at times. And sometime before, I've had a discussion with a particu

Minding Your Own...

These past few days have been generally very nice for me. I'm settling into a very enjoyable "routine" from going to work early to going home late. I ride the MRT quite frequently, and I'm amazed at how people could just mind their own businesses. Public transport take you many places, and lets you experience a lot about people's culture, and it's very surprising how much you can "zone out" and just mind your own business while having someone literally inches away more or less invading your personal bubble. I don't know if it's the same for every known civilization on earth, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's only in the Philippines that this happens. Riding the Jeepney, the MRT, the LRT, the busses -- crowding is something Filipinos can definitely deal with. But it's not everybody who minds their own business -- some people just cannot help but look at people with different hairstyles, give a look of bewilderment when "stra

Taking Your Breaks.

For a couple of weeks now, I've been happily working here at MobileArts . It's been a very nice time, and I shall not forget most of the many breaks we take when working. Usually, we take yosi breaks at the roof deck where we have a fantastic unobstructed view of Metro Manila going into the horizon. And during these breaks I get to know more about the people around me, what the happenings are, and a little more about myself as a person. I think I'm going to enjoy working here for the next couple of months, especially since the working environment is very light. Although there is a lot of work being done and that need to be done, I still have a nice time while working. Maybe because it's not really work to me when I'm enjoying what I'm doing. I'll let you know what happens a few breaks more, and a few weeks more working in this very nice place with these very nice people. CHill...

So, what have YOU done today?

I've passed my first week of work, and I can say that I am happy. I've met a lot of new people, and am currently working on founding new friendships. Im still learning the ropes, and am currently learning something new everyday. I feel that this is what I really want to do for a long time. And I feel that my skills are not going to waste in this job. I can't talk about work -- and I won't talk about what I do -- here on my blog. But I can talk about life, and how well I'm taking this transition. Although the budget has to be stretched for the first few weeks and months of work, I feel very confident that I can do it and have fun while doing so. I miss a lot of things though -- miss literally, not miss as in 'longing for' -- like RAW, Smackdown, Cable TV, and the likes. I only get to watch TV during the late nights usually lulling me to sleep -- the next day I get up early and go to work early. Then get home late from a day's work (which I enjoy very much

its quick, its convenient, its FASTMAIL!!!

Introducing FASTMAIL- the e-mail that can’t wait! It allows Globe and Touch Mobile users - even those with no computers - to QUICKLY & CONVENIENTLY send and receive e-mail messages via SMS. This service also gives you an option to choose the people who can send you emails which are immediately sent to you as SMS. Other features are 1,000 contacts in your FASTMAIL address book, e-mail forwarding, nickname sending and a lot more. So grab this opportunity and register by creating your very own account now. Just text FAST ALIAS and send to 2860. For additional information regarding this service simply text FAST HELP and send to 2860. Take hold of this service and start sending and receiving all those e-mails that can’t wait in a FAST & CONVENIENT way…use FASTMAIL NOW!!! An innovative service of Mobile Arts, Inc.