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Perspective and Awesomeness

It's not my first time to the US and I'm really not much into doing the tourist thing. Like the previous times I've been to the US, usually it's a business trip (except my first one, which was really a vacation). This business trip though doesn't feel like business -- and there's only one reason why: Google. If you've followed my postings recently you will know that I'm now working in Google Australia. Part of that work is going to the Googleplex for required training and the requisite meeting the team. This three-week trip was a chance for me to get assimilated to the larger Google and all I can really just say is: wow. Wow because the environment is so conducive to solving problems. Wow because it's so humbling to be around great minds solving great problems. Wow because I never thought finding my dream job would come true. One of the best things with seeing the world and finding out more about the different cultures you can get into cont