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Transition Yet Again

Ok, tomorrow's the start of a new phase again in my life when I finally start working a real job in a real company. So far, I've only been looking forward to as much as really working in an environment where my skills and experience will be of use. Good use, if I actually come to think of it. Tomorrow, I'll be geting to know new people, doing new work, and getting to a fairly more familiar place. I would very much love to get to start working again, and see really how much I can handle in terms of work. CHill...


I just spent a whole day with my techiest cousin and coolest uncle. I definitely had a blast going around Gilmore and discovering how you can come up with a PC with just 15,500 Php. Believe it or not, it involves manual labor and sheer negotiating skills -- and charm also does a lot to help your cause. We started canvassing for PC packages in Gilmore at around 11 in the morning, went to almost every shop in three buildings until 1 o'clock in the afternoon. We went from being quoted 17k for a PC with a monitor, and by the time it was 3 pm, we had already bought 5 PC's without monitors for an amazing 12,800 Php. If you want to learn how we did it? Then read on... See, if you've ever been to a tiangge or street/flea market, you know that bargaining is your best skill. If you're in an IT bazaar, the price list is your best friend and a canvas form is your best tool. Going from one shop to another letting the next shop beat the previous shop's price to the best of their

Shake-up in the NBA

[Reference] This post won't sound like a news report, but the trading deadline saw some constellations rearranged, my fantasy lineup diced up into pieces, and the balance of power in the NBA redefined. A lot of teams made changes leading up to the season, and by far this season is starting to look like one of the best seasons of the NBA ever in terms of excitement and unpredictability. If you live in the states and have season tickets for your favorite team because your favorite star like Chris Webber is the only person you want to see plaing in Sacramento, then you'd have to sell them tickets now because C'Web is going to Philly. Correction: He's GONE to Philly. Sacramento fans have to get used to Mike Bibby passing to Brad Miller and Peja Sticking the threes instead of seeing C' Web knocking down the midrange shot and banging it inside with the big boys. Then there's the Mavericks getting another forward and adding firepower to their already deadly offense by

What not to do...

I've just spent a night with someone I really like. It was great, although there are things that you should not do when you're single: - get into a compromising position with someone who has feelings for you - be dishonest about your feelings - be too content with whatever you have - and last but not least, to start thinking that you're not single anymore Every night of mindless lovemaking and intimacy leads me to think that I really am not built for the relationships our mothers and fathers start a family with. Maybe I'm afraid of commitment, and it's always so convenient to go around having fun without strings attached. In the liberated times of today, I've never felt so free -- yet so alone, until now. Yes, I have friends that are there when you need them. I have a lot of people I can talk to when I feel like talking, and there are some people I can call on whenever I want to get laid. I could always go out and find a random partner when I feel like doing it.

The W's

There are a couple of W's that I like doing especially recently. Here's a short list, and a short description of each of the W's. WWE -- I've had too much time on my hands, watching the 3 weeks delayed telecast of WWE shows is just too good a tube watching experience to pass up. Not by a fan since 8 years old (now 21 years old and still counting). I'd like to see Evolution span both RAW and SmackDown. *hint* *hint* Watching the NBA -- and watching my first Fantasy NBA team struggle with just a handful of stars, and quick pick-ups and drop-off stars/players. Sometimes stressful, although sometimes it feels so much like playing the stock market... Which I plan to do in the near future... If I could only get a job which paid regularly... Writing my Thesis -- or cutting it down, is a concept I am going to enjoy. Definitely. I figured: Why should I strain myself to write much more than what's needed to be written down? I'm not writing a novel anyway, nor am I wri


I've never really taken transition periods well. All my friends know that -- or at least those that have gotten to know me over the years. But somehow, I always mess things up when they seem to be going so well. I've only recently been into something I would usually not get myself into, but here I am again being my usual self. I have no problems with changing and adapting, but there are some things I would rather keep constant. Like how I like my coffee, or how I like to sleep (with a blanket even if it's really really hot), or how I eat my pizza -- I won't dare try eating pizza starting from the crust, it just doesn't feel right. And there are relationships that I've gotten into that I've broken up (and messed up big time) because "it just doesn't feel right". All the small things that make something up, it doesn't really figure right. I got into a job which I wasn't sure about, and I paid the price. Now, I'm unemployed and broke -

Hiatus Yet Again...

I have been on a two week break since being unemployed February 3, 2005. I've been doing a lot of thinking, and there seems to be a lot more thinking for me to do. I've been here before, and what I learned best is to take everything on your own pace... You can't rush genius, so you can't rush idiots like me. [Currently working on a business plan and a couple of project proposals. If you're interested, drop me a line at mikhailberis [at] ] CHill...