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Wee! It's up now, and I need a little help with a few things like:

1. The website -- I don't have condfidence in my web design skills, so I would much rather have someone with more artistic and creative taste to handle that stuff.

2. The documentation -- I don't have a lot of time on my hands to write documentation regarding the tool, and in some distributions it's required for users to be able to read even minimalistic documentation.

3. Reviews -- I don't have the time and confidence to review my own work and people who actuall use these tools might be more able to put feature requests and additional information regarding the development of the tool.

Maybe other developers might want to join in and add features on their own, just email me or go to the link on the page to get information regarding how to register at sourceforge (if you're not already registered) and/or contribute to the development team.

CHill... :D

Manila Tonight

I've recently been getting busy getting hooked to one of the hippest online community for Filipinos living in and around (even outside of) Manila. And boy have the people at MTC got a night life! I thought the days of just hanging out getting drunk in UPLB in a regular fashion just for the hang of it is over, but I was surprised that people actually get to do that on a regular basis happily!

Now if that doesn't sound like a place I'd want to be in, or a group I'd want to be affiliated with, then I don't know. I am after all a member of the UPLB Computer Science Society, who among all people (geeks) have a reputation for very very prolonged drinking sessions. Maybe not all people in COSS are geeks, but boy are we a bashful group. The gimmicks aren't the finest things in life -- no fancy wines/dinners, no need to dress up, and no pretensions just sit around drink to your hearts' and pockets' delight fun.

I suggest every warm blooded manilenyo and provincian…


Wrestlemania -- The biggest show in sports entertainment. Some people will argue that the latest edition of Wrestlemania (WM) is arguably one of the least spectacular ones, given the lineup of matches and even the quality of the production and all -- but I'm still a fan, and I certainly appreciate what Vince McMahon and the WWE board (and writers) are aiming to provide the fans.

It would be hard to top WM20, and with WM21 introducing 2 new characters as the new champions, it is a big gamble on the part of the WWE. It would have been a safe move for the WWE to retain the champions at the time, but I felt they needed to take a risk or two. They need new fresh faces, and new material to work with -- and a big gamble indeed.

Although WM21 was held April 3 in the states, only yesterday was it telecast in Filipino cable TV. I appreciate much the efforts of Solar USA to telecast (even though with cuts) the Pay-Per-View (PPV) event, but I myself would have paid for the PPV if I had the reso…


I remember watching a couple of episodes of a TV show (local) which featured Subic Bay and the sex lives of the people who either stayed there or were just passing by. It's certainly something to consider -- a very nice place like subic, the beautiful people who go there, and the very easy atmosphere surrounding the place.

I spent the weekend at Subic bay on an EB I went to -- an EB with a real activity in mind. It was an Amazing Race style tour around the base without having to spend money to get from one place to another using just your charms and wits. It was a definite blast, especially since my partner and I won the race -- of course, it has its fair share of drama and end-game excitement boiling down to the recital of the english alphabet reversed.

So there I was in subic bay, surrounded by the scenery, the beautiful ladies, and the booze. First time in my life that I had a real body shot. Others before that didn't count. Wasn't all that spectacular, but it was a real …


I've been contemplating on making a separate blog which will specifically host code snippets I come up with just because... Well, sometimes I get these code snippets in my head, which I might be using sometime, or might be useful to others. I'm still thinking of what to call that blog, and keep this one for my personal posts. That way, people subscribed to the techscene aggregator by Migs Paraz wouldn't be complaining anymore of "sex posts".

Although I don't get too much comments on those posts (yet), I sure would like to hear from everyone else reading. ;)



I started coding on a project I call KPahina. It's my try at creating a GUI based application which basically allows you to blog offline, and upload the contents of the journal to an external file and perhaps a remote location. Maybe, when I have the time, I might learn the Blogger API as well as the livejournal API, and allow users to upload the contents to their existing blog.

I am currently creating the framework, and a commandline tool for interfacing with a local database (either a normal file with XML formatting, or a BerkeleyDB backend). I'm implementing it in C++ because well, I like C++ a lot and I feel comfortable working with C++.

I am planning on applying for a project at sourceforge for the hosting of the sources as well as help with bug tracking and bug squashing. I don't have the resources to get my own website yet, so I will just hope that sourceforge allows the project to be hosted there.

I got the inspiration to writing the thing due to a discussion about Pe…

planned procrastination (sacha chua) :: 2005.04.05

planned procrastination (sacha chua) :: 2005.04.05

Reminds me on something I wrote about procrastination a few months (years?) ago. I wonder if "planner mode" would ever become a standalone anything. Would an ncurses based standalone planner work for me? Nah... Too little time on my hands to work on something like that (for now at least).

But I never really liked to learn emacs -- my brain got twisted in different ways I never really liked.

So much for that... Procastinating is really something else. :D

My Dell's screen. I miss the darned thing... Must get it to work again sometime soon.

The Hard Way...

Many people will agree to the age old addage that "there are many ways to skin a cat". In programming, and even in system administration, there are different types of programmers and different types of administrators. Paintors, poets, journalists, they each all have differences in styles. Somtimes though, too much diversification leads to chaos. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just more inconvenient to have "too many ways of doing things".

I am currently working on a software development project which takes a lot of time designing and implementing. Although there is a general approach to what is going to happen, there are a few things that have to be put in place before you even write a single line of code. And one of these is coding standards -- how do you document your code, what to do in certain situations, etc.

Through the software development process, I have found out that proper documentation of code is really REALLY necessary. A job ago, I ha…

Linux on ECS A530

Linux on ECS A530

Now I should be able to do this sometime... Certainly wish I can do it today, but stuck in the office coding doesn't help. I should be able to find a way to connect to the internet either via ethernet at a local computer shop (who will let me) in Mandaluyong, or at some plugger's place near Mandaluyong.

OR, I can bring it to Laguna someday and do it from my cousin's computer shop -- but that "someday" couldn't be any day soon.

Hope this helps other ECS A530 desknote users too. :D


User Mode Isolation Environment

User Mode Isolation Environment

A very interesting project indeed. I just wish I still have the time to be able to contribute to such a project. I also have my issues with my winmodem, and I haven't had time to address even that. I wish my friend good luck, and I certainly hope I can contribute to this when I have the time and necessary kung fu skills to pull it off.


All Hail UML

This is a definite life saver for both IT managers, system designers, developers, and even educators. Using a simple symbolic language to represent concepts of objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and relationships definitely saves time and errors due to misunderstandings using words and sentences.

I certainly hope I learned UML way earlier in college. Now I understand what the UPLB ICS has been missing (at least during my time): useful practical methods and practices. Now more than ever, I miss learning the latest and best practices not only in the field of computer science but most specifically software engineering.

I admit now that UPLB has a long way to go when it comes to educating students regarding Software Engineering and insutry practices.