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Showing posts from August, 2008

Was At BarCamp Manila Last Night

I'm just blogging a bit to let everyone know that I was at BarCamp Manila last night where I did a 7-minute presentation of the C++ Networking Library . I'd love to write about more it, but I've got no time yet. More later. CHill.

News Travels Fast!

Upon reading about the news regarding Lawrence Fishburn replacing William Petersen on CSI, I did a quick Google search and was surprised that indeed Lawrence did replace him -- even in Google Search Results! Talk about Internet Speed! :P CHill!

Reading List (Aug. 2008)

So I've picked up reading again, and this time I'm focusing on reading (and buying) books about investing and business. I feel that even though I've been trying to break the family trend of starting and owning businesses, I have that entrepreneurial knack in my blood. I'm thinking instead of trying to fight it, I'm going to learn more about it and maybe someday tough it out as an entrepreneur myself. To arm myself with knowledge I know I will need to someday be that entrepreneur and to cushion myself (and eventual family perhaps) by securing my financial status (in the present and in the future), I went to the nearest PowerBooks and got myself the following books this weekend: The Little Book on Common Sense Investing by John Bogle The One Minute Entrepreneur by Ken Blanchard, et al The Long Tail by Chris Anderson So far I've read both "The Little Book on Common Sense Investing" and "The One Minute Entrepreneur" and I've