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Thesis Update

Yesterday, I got through the Thesis Presentation which I so needed to do, to get the panel's nod and finally move on with the writing of the Thesis Manuscript. I submitted a condensed version of the manuscript containing only the relevant information worth presenting -- which are the encouraging findings nonetheless. I also did a short presentation on Beowulf clusters, and the experiments I've run with regards to the cluster. I had a generally great time having Yannie there at the presentation. I really appreciate her taking the time to go to my presentation and sit there while I ramble on about things she most probably have just heard for the first time. I didn't expect her to understand a single thing I said, but I am very very appreciative of her support. Yesterday I also found a favorite verse in the Bible which I now vow live by for the rest of my life. It goes a little something like this: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In

Major W00tness!

I woke up with a major smile in my face knowing that last night I was able to complete the condensed version of my thesis manuscript for tomorrow's presentation. I am very very thankful about it, even though I wasn't able to attend my 1 pm laboratory class because of a major chemical imbalance induced by three straight days of not being able to sleep correctly. However, all that was worth it because I have something to show for my troubles. I've managed to condense a 49 page (and growing) document into 6 pages. These six pages cover the introduction, the theoretical background, and the methodology used for the thesis. The next 4 pages are dedicated to the results & discussion, conclusions, recommendations, and references which brings up the total of the number of pages to 10. Oh, this is single spaced with a font size of 12 (IIRC) using 2.0 (beta). It just feels really great to be able to accomplish something you've worked so hard for. Tomorrow, I hav

Hibernate Works

I have just found out a couple of days ago that the hibernate function of this laptop (ECS Desknote A530) is fully supported by Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog (Ubuntu 5.04). I now can just tell it to hibernate instead of shut down to avoid having to heal with a 3 minute boot sequence -- which is realy unacceptable, but nonetheless worth it in Ubuntu -- all the time. Thanks to the wonderful developers of this distribution, I can say that "my laptop works!" to some extent. I just have to get the wifi and "resume" functionality working so that there would be truth to the statement. I don't plan on making my internal modem working (again) since I already have broadband internet service at home. CHill... :D


Have you ever noticed the days when you're most productive? I have noticed that of all the days in the week, I am most productive (in anything that I do) on Fridays. Maybe it's because of the crunch of the thought that it's the end of the week and that I should be accomplishing the most stuff at the end. Sometimes though, it just happens and Friday is really just a very very productive day for me. For one thing, a lot of things happen on a Friday granted that I don't have classes scheduled on Fridays -- but there's work, life, and the open source community. Firday around 5 pm, I got an SMS from Marvin Pascual, the president of the Philippine Linux Users Group (PLUG) inviting me to join the IRC meeting at #plug in So I got online, and low and behold there's majority of the PLUG Board, and a lot of potential candidates for the next Board. So then we go about discussing the issues with regards to the organization, and I've raised a couple of i

LinuxWorld Philippines 2005 Pics

CHill... :D


There's something about talking in front of people that gets me up and giddy. I seem to be most fulfilled when I share the knowledge with others. It feels like I was meant to do this. But then I also have this passion for programming -- which I barely consider a job any more than I consider eating a necessity. I just somehow need to get these two things together -- talking in front of people and programming. The love life is so alive, I've wondered why it never felt like this before -- EVER. It's like my notion of love has completely changed, thanks to Yannie. I've never thought love could ever feel so good. I really feel so blessed by having Yannie in my life. For this, I am eternally grateful to the Lord. :D The past few days has been filled with oh so many opportunities and possibilities that I feel so very much valued and needed. I am very very thankful to Calen and Butch for having confidence in me and my skills -- which helps me have confidence in myself. Sometime

Thank You Lord

I just came home and got settled after a great day at the Dusit Hotel Nikko in Makati. I really had a great time talking in front of a small group of people (around 20 or 30 tops) about Beowulf clusters, where most of the attention was focused on the reasoning behind, and the technical aspects of building a Beowulf Cluster. I'm glad to see that people are really interested in this technology, and would very much like to work with clusters more in my career (or whatever else is ahead of me). As far as I can say, LinuxWorld 2005 is beginning to look more and more like a success not for me only, but for the organizers and also the participants. I will be expecting emails and questions regarding how to setup and maintain (and even program) a beowulf cluster from the group soon, but more importantly I'm most interested in the possiblity of working with a Beowulf cluster in the near future. There are some organizations that I would like to get in touch with regarding the possibility

Somewhere I Belong

The past few days have been really hectic. With my sister giving birth, and me having to work and study at the same time, worrying about the many things that I have to do, I have found an ally in God, and in the two new tools I really use: Ta-da and Backpackit (thanks to Sacha and Planner Mode). I just really have a new perspective into organizing the things I need to do, and somehow time management seems like so much fun again. A couple days ago I had a talk with my former nanny... She had been living the christian life, and I have had shared with her my walk with Christ. I had such a really joyful moment, something that I had been missing for a long while. I would really have wanted to talk to her more -- I had been learning a lot about God's power, and he will of man being not enough for our salvation. But then I don't have all the time in the world, and I also need to work hard because my sister just gave birth. I know she and my dad needs all the help I can give them. An


Yesterday (a lot earlier, around say, 12 hours ago or more), I talked in front of a crowd of easily 60 people regarding Beowulf Clusters . I had such a great time, and real interest from the students that I got to talking for more than the alloted time -- I got carried away! :D I know I should time myself the next time, so that I can go on without boring everyone. Good thing I was able to get them to answer the question: "Why would we want to use a Beowulf cluster?" with a catchy "Because it's cool..." ;) That is thanks to sir Butch for his relaying the story of William Yu's talk about the same topic. I tried it, and it works. :D I think I should thank William Yu for the original idea, and here I acknowledge that I heard it from sir Butch. :D I think I should come up with my one-liners, but given that I was talking to a UPLB physics crowd, no amount of geek computer science humor could tickle the least bit off their sides. Either that or I'm just really


I have a girlfriend now, and I'm so blessed to have her in my life. Just when I surrendered everything to Him, he has been blessing me left and right with new opportunities, new people to be friends with, new relationships, and focus. I thank Him so much, and still I surrender to him everything about mmy life. Now of course, things don't come without a test. And He tests me everyday to focus on what needs to be done, and not on extraneous things -- but relationships should be everything and my relationship with God is first and foremost. It just feels a lot better that way, and I am thankful for whatever comes my way, in His will. I'm just so happy that He provides so graciously. CHill...

Let That Be Enough

Switchfoot I wish I had what I need To be on my own 'Cause I feel so defeated And I'm feeling alone And it all seems so helpless And I have no plans I'm a plane in the sunset With nowhere to land And all I see It could never make me happy And all my sand castles Spend their time collapsing Let me know that You hear me Let me know Your touch Let me know that You love me Let that be enough It's my birthday tomorrow No one here could now I was born this Thursday 22 years ago And I feel stuck Watching history repeating Yeah, who am I? Just a kid who knows he's needy Let me know that You hear me Let me know Your touch Let me know that You love me And let that be enough