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Do you have a properly working Biological clock? I don't -- I sleep at 5 am and wake up at 2 pm. And that's if I'm lucky. I don't do this all the time, but I have got to get my schedules straight. I spend most of my day reading mail, reading other people's blogs, and chatting, and a better part of it hacking at my thesis manuscript which I should really finish really soon. I have yet to do the interview and worse transcribe it, and then there's the Final Exam that I'll be taking in approximately 12 hours from this writing -- for which I haven't covered all the necessary topics yet.

I am now in the process of encoding and re-graphing the results to suit the manuscript -- since I will be comparing data sets, I might as well create better graphs which I myself would want to read. I will need to come up with different comparative graphs to show the effectiveness of my solution. Yes folks, from the looks of the data, MRADA works! :) I have still to show the details, but when I do, I just hope someone will take notice and maybe consider it for publication somewhere. I'd like to see Europe someday, or the eastern side of the USA for conferences. Canada sounds like a nice place too. *hint* *hint*

Oh, and I want to be able to do research here. Of course, I might not be qualified, but if ever I go get my MS or PhD, I'd want to get it there. Or here. Then there's this which I would be very honored to be part of.

Nothing wrong with hoping. ;)

I am seriously considering the offer from the Job Formerly Known as the Day Job. I will be a consultant, coming into the office 4-5 days a week, from 9-5 PM. The details of the deal have yet to be finalized, but I would like to take things at my own pace. And right now, I might not be able to handle too many things, granted that I want to be able to relax first before I dive into the real world.

I'm taking sir Dek's advice and maybe take a few days off -- maybe Boracay or maybe Palauan. I hope Yannie comes with me, so that we can both take a most deserved break from the nearly concluded semester. I'd love some peace a quite for just a couple of days to recharge. Puerto Galera sounds really nice, but that's too much gimmick for old me. I might hold a bash here in Laguna though, but that's really just for friends and family -- for hanging in there and believing I can get to this point. After 6 years, I don't think I wanna do this again anytime soon.

But if you ask me if I were to do it again, what would I do differently? I'd still like to go the full 6 years in college, but what I hope I did all the requirements way ahead of time and not cram everything. But I wouldn't mind flunking all those many times those subjects. It's part of who I am, and I've learned a lot from those teachers and subjects too.

I don't regret 6 years of college, and I wouldn't because it is part of who I am today.

Maybe it's too early, but I already see the finish line. I just need to get there. Eventually.

I still believe in Proverbs 3:5-6 and no matter what happens, I'm going to get there one way or another -- I trust the Lord that he'll take me there at the time He wants me to get there, in the way He wants me to get there. There being wherever He wants me to be. Do I know where that is? Not yet, but I'd love to find out along the way.

I hope other people get to learn from my life like I have learned from others' lives.



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