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accomplishmets? now how do you feel?

last time, work was really on my mind. i kept my mind off a lot of things, which i needed to take my mind away from. now, i still have to work, but things have been moving in a slightly different direction and pace. now, everything is wayward, and hectic. no way i could start contemplating on things like life and love. or is that true...

the kaliwa watershed pollution modeeling module is currently at 60%, is doping great. the deadline of the whole software is on the 15th of june, which gives me lots of time to get it up to 90% before the month ends. there are a lot of things that still need to be done, but i'm getting the help.

the wireless lan card is working, and alas i had to recompile the kernel. however, what i feared about recompiling on my measly machine, is really negligible. the laptop seemed to muster just enough power to be able to compile the whole kernel without problems -- under an hour at that! which really got me to trust the laptop a lot more. however, the batteries just get sucked dry after around 30 minutes or less of operation. i wonder if i would have to get new batteries, or whether i should try working out solutions to that problem.

the thesis proposal is at a disgustingly incomplete state. i will have to come up with enough courage and guts to show up at my adviser's office -- who also happens to be the director of the institute of computer sciance at the university of the philippines at los baños -- and show him an incomplete proposal. the presentation of the proposal should start next week, so i have to put stuff into the proposal over the weekend, and hope that i get it complete in time for the presentation.

now, i know that i really love elvine. and now, i've discovered that i could love her from a distance. it's been quite a while since we had a conversation which actually had sense, and a few days ago, we met oddly through the yahoo messenger.

at first, i wasn't sure how she would take my 'hi'. after all, i've told her to forget me and all, with the last text messages and emails i've sent her. although not surprisingly, she took it lightly, and we had a pretty casual conversation. i just hope i conveyed my love to her in that little conversation, although i am not counting on her recieving it through cyberspace.

after all, we've been through a lot of misunderstandings, and i just hope this ends up in like how we made up after the misunderstandings. it seems that when something inadvertently goes wrong, the next time we meet goes like nothing happened, and that they were just pigments of our imaginations. we tend to stay happy and cool that way.

come to think of it, i miss that feeling.

anyway, mom's in the states, and i am very happy for her. it seems (fingers crossed) that she'll be getting a job. im not after the money of the opportunity to go there once in a while (though i surely would love any or both...) but its more of the accomplishment she would gain from that experience. i know mom wants to be able to do her thing, and i hope she enjoys herself there.

mom, if you're reading this, don't worry about us. i'kll try my best and get there ASAP so that you wouldn't miss me that much. i miss you too, but its better that you enjoy yourself there and not worry to much. always keep in mind that the world is a small place, and no matter how far we are apart, we're just one heartbeat away.

this is getting long, and i have to get some sleep. until next time...

keep chillin'! =)


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