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Where is the hope for us? - Jan. 03, 2004

Where is the hope for us? - Jan. 03, 2004

Is this how blinded we are of the capabilities of the Filipino? I certainly doubt how someone would think (amidst the reasons she herself cited) that the dung-hole we Filipinos proudly call home could go somewhere with this kind of mentality. I feel that she's relying too much on luck, and falsely on the accomplishments of people NOT HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Filipinos have done well abroad, because the environment there is nothing compared to the Philippines. Here, we all face corruption in everything -- yes EVERYTHING -- that we do. You recently got your driver's license? I never even got to look at the exam. If I had a choice, I would do it the right way. However, people in the Philippines makes doing the right thing very difficult. And yes, I'm complaining.

I have been taught to think, and I have learned to think. The education I get, is something I refuse to take at face value, rather I appreciate the knowledge and embrace it as I go along with my life. And through the education I get, I find wisdom in doing the proper thing to do, and not to succumb to the pressures of the immoral. I've stopped file-sharing, because it is illegal and immoral. I've resisted the inner urge to do something crackish (or in a cracker like manner) and instead I abide by the rules of etiquette and netiquette. I've controlled myself from taking advantage of other people and their resources, and am liking my life as it is. I don't use pirated software, and I am damn proud about it.

So is there hope for the Philippines? With the rate things are going, I seriously doubt if there is hope for us at all. I believe that I can do better as a Filipino abroad than as a Filipino in the Philippines. I could realize my full potential elsewhere -- somewhere the grass is green and the gates are shining. I won't wait for others to change, but I have changed my ways and am continuing to do so for the improvement of myself, and hopefully I can make a difference to the country by LEAVING ASAP. The Philippines does not deserve a noble soul, purely because the wretched and corrupt have taken over.

So will I vote for someone who doesn't know the first thing about governing a country? Will I vote for someone who breaks her promises for personal gain, and claiming that it's "the clamor of the people" that drives her to run for presidency? Or will I vote for someone who everybody dislikes mainly because they don't understand that education is a very effective tool for changing the country for the better? If Raul Roco doesn't win the elections, I'd be convinced that I shouldn't be staying in the Philippines anymore -- not if I could help it.

So to the fellow Filipinos reading this, please sound off. Make your voices heard. If you honestly think that FPJ doesn't deserve to ruin your lives, please let your friends know. Now is the time for making noble decisions, and taking educated risks. Would you vote a liar like Gloria? Would you fall for another action star like ERAP in FPJ? Or a shady figure that leaves a trail of stinking fish in Ping?

I truly believe that the Philippines should be ready to change for the better. But then I wouldn't stay here for long if I can help it, so I guess I'll just let every other Filipino screw the Philippines. And I shouldn't give a damn, right? After all, it's hopeless.

Cryogenically Suspended until the next epoch when the Philippines is no longer a dung-hole of a place that it is now...


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