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Carbo Loading, Sprints, and More...

Just got home an hour ago from swimming training. We supposedly had a hard day of training for sprints in a 25m pool, but somehow I got through it. I don't know whether it's because of the rest (5 days rest without swimming) or because of the carbo-loading I did over the weekend until Monday evening.

This is what I ate for the last few days (or what I could remember at least that I actually ate):

Saturday: no breakfast; lunch = ?; dinner = grilled liempo and 4 cups of rice ; after-dinner = beer, grilled tilapia, fish crackers, deep fried peanuts.
Sunday: no breakfast; lunch = omelette with cheese and garlic fried in butter salted and peppered to taste, a loaf of white bread; dinner = grilled liempo and 4 cups of rice.
Monday: no breakfast; lunch = kinulob na itik and 3 cups of rice; merienda = pizza and ice cream ; dinner (after 4 hours) = pasta in olive oil fried garlic and pamaesan cheese.
Tuesday: no breakfast; no lunch; merienda = 5 servings of Jollibee Spaghetti.

Tuesday evening was reserved for the hellish traning, but low and behold, I got through it without feeling as exhausted as I used to. Maybe it's because of the sleep, the rest I gave my muscles (and the subsequent extra calories I feel around my gut). I had a quickie these past few days with eating -- NO, no sex during the weekends.

I really didn't count the laps that I did yesterday, the total distance of the workout -- coach just kept blowing the whistle to signify a couple of things: 1) get out of the water then 2) go plunge and sprint for 25m (the length of the pool). Went on for eternity. But we had a little friendly competition with high school students before the supposed hellish workout from the University of the Philippines Rural High School (UPRHS) where I also came from. And they were good -- or at least a few of them who swam against us.

To my friends who know me, they know that one reason why I'm doing this is so that I could get to my oh-so-sexy-self. However, what I really miss is the competition first and foremostly myself, and then my peers. I like the feeling of competing with others, but just for the sake of competition. I never want to hold grudges, and neither do I want to bring animosity against anyone.

I never really know why I compete in solo sports -- maybe that would be the reason I have a hard time waiting on other people's output, or working with other people in a group. I want to compete as myself, with myself, against myself. However, I know I can cooperate, but I like to bring in the spirit of competition whenever I work with other people. I like getting enlightened by other people and what they know, and at the same time contributing my knowledge (or ignorance) to their improvement.

Maybe that's why I like working in a team where all the members of the team are driven, competitive (not only among ourselves, but also to themselves, constantly challenging our own limitations), and passionate about the work. I hate bosses who think they know half of what the group is doing, but is really just there to annoy and further infuraiate ME. Oh yes, this is my blog, and I think the world revolves around me -- but seriously, I hate bosses that target one person in the group and pick on him just for the heck of it.

I know celsus, nikki, ed, and joseph know WHO THE HECK I'm talking about. But then they are also the best teammates I've ever had in any project I've ever undertaken. I hope I can get to work with you guys again, and that you'd want to work with me again sometime. (Ok, getting sentimental here, trying to keep my tears from flowing... Ok, that's pushing it).

Anyway, so much for that... "Nevermind if you're going to DIE tomorrow, just keep swimming... Just keep swimming... Just keep swimming..." <-- my mantra while I was doing the sprints Tuesday evening.



  1. alam mo ung kanta ng counting crows sa shrek2? wala lang. * big smile *

    you have got to be right on your psychoanalysis or else i'm gonna kill you. hehehe.


  2. sino itong boss na kakilala ni nikki, celsus, ed, at dean? ano ang nangyari at ganito na lamang ang maisulat ni mikhail online? kailan pa itatapon ni don rafael ang bahaw, ang kaning lamig?

    abangan... ang susunod na kabanata...

  3. LOL!

    Well, you have a choice of:

    Choose your poison.

  4. ekonek ba? bweheeh.. yung isa dyan sa ekonek na.

    inaantabaanan ko yung yung oh-so-sexy-self na dean.

    magsawa ka talaga sa mga ganon na boss, its their job, or at least their jobs depend of pretending to know what the hell is happening. hehehe

    Germs ^_^


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