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The Pain and The Gain...

Been swimming for the past three days, and I feel great. I've missed this feeling ever since I stopped training with the swimming team. I've always wanted to feel the pain of lactic acid building up in my muscles as I work on my stroke and finish the workout given by my coach. I like the feeling of improvement, and the feeling of accomplishment even in such a small scale. Maybe it's my self-competing spirit that's enriching me again. I just love counting the strokes and checking it while keeping in mind that I'm working for my ever so sexy self. One day, it will happen (I pray).

I've been going through a lot lately, mainly academic stuff. My thesis is going along real fine, and I'm already formally analyzing the significance of my study. Performing the ANOVA tests on the data I have come up with in the tests is a daunting task, mainly because of the number of treatments I will have to check. Not to mention the amount of writing I have yet to do. That's right, I've written ~20 pages for the introduction, and ~20 pages for the methodology -- and they're still growing. I have yet to write about the performance analysis (theoretical) of my algorithm, and it's starting to grow on me. I've been pitching in whenever I feel like it, and now it seems that I'll be needing help. I might contact some people from the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) in UPLB for the ANOVA and other tests, either from the faculty or some undergraduates.

Oh yes, I've also tried a lot of new things. One being SOP -- sex on phone. YES, I tried it, and NO, I didn't like it. I just didn't get a kick out of it, and I have no plans of doing it again. I would much rather go out and have sex with real people, than people over the phone. I don't even know if the person I was talking to was a woman for that matter. But nonetheless, I couldn't claim that my ears are still virgin. Not after THAT. Remind me please to not do that again.

As for everything else, I will be holding a seminar among with some undergraduates at the ICS tomorrow regarding my thesis: A projective load balancing algorithm for Beowulf clusters. I hope people will understand what I have to say tomorrow, and that they would get something out of it. I've been doing seminars for the past 5 years, and I sure am excited tomorrow because I will be presenting something I worked on. I hope my manuscript makes it to the next PCSC (Philippine Computing Science Congress), as I would love to get to Cebu for a change.

And for the record, I don't plan on contributing much to the batch's presentation at the upcoming 75th University of the Philippines Rural High School (UPRHS) anniversary/alumni homecoming. I might go to the meeting, but I don't expect to contribute much there. I hope we start talking about another reunion so that I don't go wasting my time there. Oh well.

With that, I still hope I could be 1.8 Million Dollars richer. However, I don't really know if that deal's ever going to push through.



  1. demmet. you just had to mention that. and right after that bit about your thesis. and if you do get rich, i'd really appreciate it if you'd give me a house in sacay. hehehe. and a million pesos doesn't sound too bad...

  2. SOP? Pasalamat ka. Isa sa mga kaibigan ko, yung nag-iisang na lang na parte na virgin sa kanya ay ang kanyang ilong.


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