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Fotographus Adiktus

It's amazing what a 2.0 megapixel camera allows you to do. It's really something else, especially when it's the first time you actually get to own a digital camera for the first time. It stirs up a lot of emotion in me, since one of the things I've always wanted to do is snap photos of a lot of things around me.

I've fallen in love with photography even with just a non-professional grade camera. And to show how much I like taking them nice photos, I'm uploading a few which I snapped up at my grandparents' estate here in Laguna. Nothing's as good as the real thing, but the beauty around was something I hope I was able to capture (for the first time using my camera).

Comments on the photographs are most appreciated.

Freakus Plantus -- I called this "freakus plantus" because of the way I tried to portray it in sepia filtered mode. I wanted to highlight the lines of the plant's leaves and the detail of the leaves in contrast with the background of the ground. This particular plant can live under water, with the leaves exposed to sunlight. It can also live on the ground amidst the many different colored plants around it.

Landscape? This is just a corner collection of plants at the side of one of the cottages in the estate. I wanted to try out the solarized effect on the plant photograph, and thankfully it turned out just as I hoped. I rarely find subjects on which the solarized effect could pass or be considerably artful, but I'm not an expert or anything so it's something I should work on.

Orchidus Plantae -- Here are a couple of orchid plants that have caught my attention during my roaming around at my grandparent's estate a few hours ago. I wanted to see how I can bring out the detail of the plants up close without losing too much of the setting. These are two plants photographed to show how they blend in the environment around them and the many ways these plants can be photographed to show their beauty and detail.

These particular plants are set just around the garden, to where the many decorative plants are too. Capturing the detail of the plants in the context of the garden allows for better story telling with pictures and better contrast with colors.


  1. Dean! Yung gift mo sa ken ha. :) Hehe. MagsSony Ericsson na talaga ako. I love the photos you took. :)

  2. Hehe, I forgot to leave my name. Renee po to. Blog ko:

  3. nice pics! i badly want to have my own digicam but all i have is the digicam at home!


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