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I just got off the phone with a textmate. I had a great time talking with her about a wide variety of things, and I'm thankful that we got to talk tonight. I had been meaning to meet her before, but had apprehensions because I didn't know what to expect or how to deal with a situation with almost a complete stranger.

But after this 4 hour conversation I'd say I've been blessed with an acquaintance I can treasure. She's definitely very nice to talk to -- and seems like a nice person to be with. I had a nice time talking with her because we can talk about everything, and mainly because it's a fresh perspective to listen to someone who can I can relate with. I'd love to get to go out with her some time, and get to know her a little more. I'm not hoping for anything romantic, nor am I expecting anything else than to gain a friend who I can share a lot of experiences with.

I'm looking forward to Sunday Service at UPLB. I'm also looking forward to seeing Johanna again and talking to her about the many things I've learned from the book. He definitely knew that if Johanna gave me the book, that I would read it -- and if I ever wanted to go to sunday service with someone, it'd be her.

I feel the thirst and hunger for His word, and somehow I think He meant for the conversation between me and my textmate to happen. I say this because there are pertinent questions and phrases in the conversation which stuck with me like:

- What if He meant that "she" was the one for you?

If He meant that "she" was the one for me, then I'd be happy to be with her. Actually, I'd be blessed to be with anybody He meant me to be with. I cannot however get ahead of Him, and assume that I know really what He has planned for me. But right now, as things unravel before my eyes, I am thankful that He is my guide.

- If you keep this up, someday I might hear that you'd be turning into a pastor...

Maybe someday I'll be turning into a pastor -- If it is His will, then why not? Of course I know what I want, but if He leads me there, I shall follow. I wouldn't say that's what I want, but I never really thought about it much. And if I was meant to be one, then I would let His will be done.

- I realized: Maybe He wants me to do something about some things now.

I think He has been wanting me to finish the things I need to finish now -- like my thesis, the remaining academic units, work, etc. And I think He wants me to continue doing things like learning more about Him, letting others know about Him, and helping others by sharing my skills, knowledge, and abilities. I feel that he meant great things to happen for everybody, especially those that believe.

I can't thank my friends enough for being there, and the people who have been helping me get closer to Him by the day.



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