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Have you ever noticed the days when you're most productive? I have noticed that of all the days in the week, I am most productive (in anything that I do) on Fridays. Maybe it's because of the crunch of the thought that it's the end of the week and that I should be accomplishing the most stuff at the end. Sometimes though, it just happens and Friday is really just a very very productive day for me. For one thing, a lot of things happen on a Friday granted that I don't have classes scheduled on Fridays -- but there's work, life, and the open source community.

Firday around 5 pm, I got an SMS from Marvin Pascual, the president of the Philippine Linux Users Group (PLUG) inviting me to join the IRC meeting at #plug in So I got online, and low and behold there's majority of the PLUG Board, and a lot of potential candidates for the next Board. So then we go about discussing the issues with regards to the organization, and I've raised a couple of issues about membership -- which is the crux of a lot of controversy and bickering almost in the PLUG mailing list and public Wiki.

So where is the productivity in this? Aside from the discussion (putting on the semantic basher hat) which resulted in a lot of ideas being generated, I was able to come up with suggestions on the possible revisions on the membership guideline for the PLUG. I was also surprisingly able to come up with that considerably lengthy email discourse regarding the possible changes and rationale behind the changes. And I was typing almost non-stop for a good 10 minutes -- of course this included the frequent backspace and navigation keys, but that's not the poit.

I was also able to read a lot of email and answer the most relevant ones (to me at least) and offer my services to a couple of people that I will be blogging about really soon. I've never felt how hard it is really to be working with two different laptops with two different installed Linux distributions this one an ECS Desknote A530+ running Ubuntu [1] and another one an Asus DeGatto running Fedora Core [2] until now when I have my personal mail in the Asus DeGatto and my open source projects on this Desknote. Which reminds me why I should be getting a personal online storage space to which I should be rsyncing the stuff between these laptops from anyway.

But I digress. Another point of productivity for me is the area of the thesis. Actually now I'm more prepared to sit on the ANalysis Of VAriance on the multitude of data sets that I've gathered for the thesis. I'll also be preparing presentation slides and a condensed manuscript highlighting the study -- and fitting the most information in at most 5 pages to be handed to the panel I'll be presenting to on Tuesday. YES, tuesday and I still have to perfor ANOVA tests on some of the data -- just to show to the panel that I've already gathered results and that my technique has a significant effect (a positive and encouraging effect) on the performance of the solution I'm trying to improve. The topic might be too technical for this blog, which reminds me why I should get a blog which allows me to post to different categories.

And I digress again. Basically, I'm blogging at 4 am in the morning before I sleep, because I just want to share to the world how I am so thankful to the Lord that I am able to do the things I need to do and help others in varying capacities. I believe that He has given me a purpose to use my skills for service to others, and for His glory -- and for that I am thankful.

I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth.

I hope I can keep up with the blessings the Lord has been giving me, and be able to focus on the important tasks at hand.

BTW, if you've read this far, I would like to know what you think -- please leave a quickie, send me an email, or comment on this post. I would definitely like to know what you think.



  1. wednesday is the day for me because it is the middle of the week. all the slacky feeling of the weekend is gone together with the report generation tasks that i need to do at the start of the wednesday i begin putting more concentration on the current tasks pending and what i need to accomplish by friday.

    friday is the day when everything tapers off (unless there is a delivery on the next monday wherein the adrenaline and worry linger over the weekend). i always end up staying in the office longer on fridays, maybe because i know that monday is gonna be full of paperwork and the slacky feeling of the weekend.

    come to think of it, everything is psychological. hehehehe...


  2. Perfect time to evangelize about Linux! With the raids and stuff..

    May nag-suggest gumawa ng distro attuned sa net cafe.. =d


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