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Why PLDT Should Think...

Warning: If you're a PLDT fan, I suggest you stop reading now.

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone company which provides mediocre fixed line services fails horribly in customer relations and customer friendliness. Here's why:

Day 1 -- I call and ask about my DSL installation schedule. A week had already passed, and they had given me a week to get DSL installed in the unit I am renting. Aside from the fact that it took quite a while for them to process my fixed line application (for voice service), I had to ask them what was going on with the DSL application. I get the standard line: "Sir, we can't commit a date but please expect it during the week..." -- so I say okay, let's give them another week.

Day 2 -- I call them up again ( dialed 141 - 4 - 4 ) to follow up, and get the same response. Same old sh*t I say, but remain patient on the line with the customer support agent.

Day 3 -- I call them up again, but this time I'm asking them to please expedite the request because I need it already. They say the usual script, which I have mostly memorized.

Day 4 -- I call them up again and do not get any feedback. I start complaining -- because the only thing that needs to get done is for someone to get to my unit, and then install the darned modem. HOW HARD COULD THAT BE?!

Day 5 -- I get p*ssed off, and start screaming and complaining at the person on the other end of the line, because the week is ending, but I haven't gotten any response from _anybody_. Nobody can give me a date, nor a commitment to appease me of the severe inconvenience they have caused me.

Fast forward 3 freaking days, I get a visit from the person supposed to install the required stuff to install, but the Service Order they gave for my installation reads Data Only and is in another number! So they need to wait again for another number of days before getting it fixed to read both voice and data -- and again I am left as a dissatisfied customer, without anything to hold on to but a sour experience with the clueless customer support agents and a lineman with an attitude.

So the next time you think of getting the best service for your voice and data needs, please put PLDT at the last in your list -- because frankly, they suck.



  1. Where have you been at least in the last decade? PLDT hasn't changed much for decades.

  2. Me? I've been in the province for most of my life, and only had the chance to deal with PLDT circa 2000. I have no prior experience, and therefore had not had much prejudice for or against PLDT before this incident.

  3. Hi, I dropped by and read this latest entry.

    Let me say, I can not agree with you more.

    I had my internet connection installed 3 months after by application. And they told me it will only take two weeks.

    After all the 'nagging' in PLDT customer hotline, no one even came or called me to actually follow up my application.

    I was actually nice to them and wasn't able to have the guts to scold them right there and then. But let me tell you that I too, am dissatisfied with their service.

    Alam mo kung san lang sila magaling? Sa pagsingil sa bill. Let me tell you, pag hindi ka nakabayad ng isang day after the due date, tatawag at tatawag ang mga yan to remind you to settle it na...

    Talk about LOUSY, SH*TTY service!

  4. Update:

    They have installed broadband just the other day (Saturday) and they sent over a different lineman, who was more accomodating and has less attitude than the last one they sent. He was wearing a red shirt instead of a white shirt, and was beginning to think that he was a supervisor of sorts.

    I'm now enjoying broadband from my unit, and even though my number changed, I'm thankful they had some sort of decency to make up for it somehow.

    But then again, they *might* be reading my blog. :))


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