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Mothers Day: How Fathers Feel

It's mother's day and I had another fun day with Jeni and Julia this time on a lazy Sunday morning and a traveling Sunday afternoon. We went on a train ride to Ashfield and went right back because we got there really late -- it was already dark and they weren't feeling all to adventurous to ride a bus and back to see the surroundings. Before that we went to the Google Australia office to let them see the place without the people (and have some snacks at a micro-kitchen). But this is not what the post is about although that would be really light and fun to write. No, this post is about how fathers like me feel on a day that's supposed to celebrate how mothers are awesome.

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There are five things that fathers feel I think when Mother's day comes along. Well that's a lie, there's a lot more feelings but here's a quick top five of what I felt this day just to give other non-fathers an insight into how us fathers feel on this day. Actually, that's another lie, this is my list that I wrote as a father so that, well, I can read my own thoughts and see how good of a father I think I am. Well... actually so that my wife and mother of my daughter would know what I feel about her. And no, that doesn't make up for the lack of a gift.


I as a father am envious of how a mother can give a child everything the child needs and then some. We envy mothers because they can actually raise a child alone and mostly even without trying. Whenever I see my wife negotiate with our daughter to get her to do things (like sleep, eat, dance, and other little tasks) I feel envy come in. This is the main motivation for me to step up and do my best to become a better father to our lovely daughter.


I may not say it too much in front of her, but I as a father am really proud of my wife. Mother's day makes me more proud of her because this is the day that's meant to celebrate her being a mother. The fact that she bore through all the pain and that we're reaping all the joys of bringing a life into the world just makes me so proud of her. Her strength is what I'm most proud of because I know that when our daughter grows up that she will find strength not only from me but also from her.


I will not be a father if she did not become a mother -- and this brings me joy. The fact that together we brought life into the world is such a joyful thought that it deserves celebrating her effort, will, and resolve during the pregnancy and birth of our child. It's not just happiness, it's something more than just being happy. It's the same feeling you have when you see your favorite team win by a buzzer beater and you go crazy along with the crowd giving your buddy a high five. That's the kind of joy I as a father feel that my wife is a mother and that this day is a celebration of her being one.


Okay, so pressure is not a feeling -- but it's something you feel when you know something big is going to happen. Pressure comes with responsibility. And for fathers, the responsibility of keeping the mother of your child happy is huge. Not only that, the pressure of having to keep doing the right things and doing things right by the mother of your child is epic. This is one of those things that you just don't get away from and is one of those things that define you as a father. This is the kind of pressure that the good dads like -- and I'd like to think I'm a good dad.

Also, if you don't feel pressure to deliver as man, there's something seriously wrong with you.


So after I've been envious, proud, joyful, and pressured, I then feel humbled. Humbled by the fact that without mothers there will be no fathers. Humbled as well by the truth that mothers are what makes us real men. This time I speak of all mothers that cared for their families and their spouses, took care of the household, were friends and faithful companions to their loved ones -- I am humbled that I'm married to an awesome mother and that she will always be there for me and my daughter no matter what.

To all my Mother friends and to the love of my life Jeni, happy mother's day.

I love you.


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