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Exception to the Rule

Just when you think life is this boring thing you just go through, God lets you meet someone who will make life so much more than something you never thought you had. If you're not happy with your life, I pity you. If you want to be happy in your life, look for a reason to live -- your purpose, your passion. Don't take it from me, but I've found my love (and life) at a time when I was cynical and turning into someone I didn't want to be. It can be theraputic, especially when you think life is not going the way you wish it would. Look at me now, I'm just plain happy.

I've never felt this before -- alive, happy, unconditionally in love with someone. She's just what I've been needing in my life. I found her when I wasn't looking, in the place I always envisioned meeting the person for me. I thought I was in love then, but I realize that I was wanting to be in love. I courted someone for two years, but wasn't really entirely sure if she was the one. I felt love, because that was what I wanted to feel. That, I chose to do, but this I choose to enjoy.

I found the one person who can keep me up all night, who can make my day whatever she does, who can light up the darkest room when we're together, and just be there whenever I need her. I found the person I would want to cheer up all day, worry sick about when she's sad, feel really happy for when she's glad, and just be there for when she needs me. My best friend knows her already and I can't wait for my family to meet her. I can't wait to meet her family too -- a family so lucky to have someone like her as a member.

I certainly do not understand why other people could afford to hurt someone they say they love. I never really understand that concept, and I hope I myself never will hurt someone who I love, and loves me too. I love her, and I live her for. I couldn't see why I would ever want to hurt her.

I've just heard the lyrics (partial) of a song by Incubus, off their latest album (Megalomaniac if I'm not mistaken), and it's called Southern Girl. Here's the best part I love to repeat over and over in my head:

You're an exception to the rule
You're a bonafide rarity
You're all I ever wanted
Southern girl
Could you want me?

I'm just thankful to the Lord that He gave me a reason to go on, just when I was starting not to care. For letting me find someone I can definitely be happy with. For testing me and my willingness to be with someone he obviously has meant for me. I just pray this lasts forever, because I'm willing to take it that far.

No jinxing please, I like my life with a cup of happiness everyday.



  1. I could've said it better, but it doesn't matter, doesn't it?

    Now is the time that you have to trust in yourself more; when you begin to doubt yourself, you won't just disappoint yourself for doubting..

    I'm sorry, I couldn't/wouldn't elaborate; you did warn about jinxing.. But, trust me in this trusting-in-yourself thing.. You'll just have to take better care of your self-esteem from now on..

    One last thing: There is no room for luck in this, so I won't wish you any. Whatever may happen, you will always have a chance to do something to keep matters under control. And that's a good thing.

  2. Quickie jinxie:

    1) You can choose whatever reason you want for living. However, remember that if you base your reason for living upon another person, you should be prepared for all the aches and pains that such might cause. Take it from me: my womaneses give me strength, hope, and inspiration, but I fall like a house of cards when she's gone.

    2) It's not really like that, but I'll just smile and say have fun anyway.

    3) He he, nice to know you still haven't found the one who'll nag you half to death over some trivial blouse that you really didn't like.

    4) To hurt is not necessarily to harm.

    You take a leap of faith on this one; I think it's too early to tell whether this is love or not. Even though I think it's really outrageous for you to base your life on your feelings for someone, I still wish you all the luck and happiness and whatnot. After all, I took that leap of faith four years ago ... I'm still alive, she's still alive, and we're still together. It wasn't what I really wanted, but it turned out okay nonetheless. Hope it happens for you two too. Two too. For the two of you as well.

    Of course, she still drives me crazy whenever the subject of that blouse comes up.


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