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Frustrations and Guilty Pleasures

I just got home from a night out with my lady development communication teacher friends. It was quite a day I had, and I'm prepared to share notable details about it... So friends, countrymen, and passer-by's, hold on to your beer.

I woke up around 10 am in the morning feeling refreshed from a very very nice workout Coach had us do the day before: 20 laps warmup, 20 laps with the improvised-but-effective power paddle + pull buoy (freestyle/crawl), 20 laps with the kickboard (flutter kick), and 20 laps "cool down". But apparently, the 80 laps were not enough, and we did sprints and swimming form checks. Oh, and my teammates are getting stronger, so I should take this training a lot more seriously.

So back to my day... Woke up at 10, swirled in bed a little, and had my nutritional diet fix for brunch (technically lunch because I had it at around 11:50). Then, I got to pay the electricity bill, and on the way I was texting (SMS'ing) the girl that sent me on a tailspin. It was a decent conversation, though it took around 20 minutes before I got to reply to whatever question she had -- I'm not really good with multitasking, especially if one of the tasks includes me paying someone else for anything.

I was on my way to my groupmate's place, and had to walk uphill around 200 meters to get there. I find out that HE's NOT THERE, and I just climbed a 30 degree slope and was sweating my shirt off. I walk towards the Physical Sciences building (in UPLB) and straight into the ICS library -- where I cooled myself off. That was a good workout, but a very unproductive exercise at that. Now we just have officially 3 working days to finish the Java based RSS feed aggregator. But I think we could manage somehoe...

Anyway, I waited from 3 o'clock to 5 pm to take the advanced exam for a computer science subject -- which I finished in 30 minutes. The exam was good for 2 hours, but then since it's the advanced exam, I couldn't just go out of the lecture hall because it might cause "leaks". So then I wait until it was 6:45 which was just in time for swimming practice (I could still do the workout in 1 hour).

But when I get to the pool... NOBODY WAS THERE!!! So I took the early exam for no swimming training. On a day when I was so psyched up to swim and train. But NO, I catch my coach at the local bar, playing pool after a couple of hours (say, 9ish). Aside from that, I was booted out of the bar because I was wearing rubber slippers -- thongs, if they're more appropriately called those. So my lady devcom friends and I moved to another bar/restaurant where they didn't mind if I wore slippers. I love my friends... But I digress.

So at the other bar, I try to resist the temptation to smoke... And you guessed it, I failed miserably. Not only did I smoke, I guzzled down 3 bottles of beer to boot. So let's see, no swim training, 7 sticks of Marlboro Lights, 1 San Mig Super Dry, and 2 San Mig Strong Ice... Coach is NOT going to like that story.

Anyway, I think I should be able to get up around the same time today (10ish) and go to Baker Hall and maybe do laps around the oval before/after lunch. And then around 4, the team should be ready to train a little harder -- I should at least, to burn off the extra calories I put on today. So my oh-so-sexy self is a day delayed... But I enjoyed this day nonetheless, so that could wait -- though not for long.

Oh well, so much for that... The beer's getting me to type a lot again, so if this bored you a lot, I suggest you grab a beer, and start writing your comments (by clicking on the comments link a little down there) or leaving a quickie at the tagboard. Either way, I'd appreciate your taking the time to read about my day.

It would be most appreciated if you could share your stories about your guilty pleasures day too.



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