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Shake-up in the NBA

This post won't sound like a news report, but the trading deadline saw some constellations rearranged, my fantasy lineup diced up into pieces, and the balance of power in the NBA redefined.

A lot of teams made changes leading up to the season, and by far this season is starting to look like one of the best seasons of the NBA ever in terms of excitement and unpredictability. If you live in the states and have season tickets for your favorite team because your favorite star like Chris Webber is the only person you want to see plaing in Sacramento, then you'd have to sell them tickets now because C'Web is going to Philly. Correction: He's GONE to Philly. Sacramento fans have to get used to Mike Bibby passing to Brad Miller and Peja Sticking the threes instead of seeing C' Web knocking down the midrange shot and banging it inside with the big boys.

Then there's the Mavericks getting another forward and adding firepower to their already deadly offense by acquiring Keith Van Horn from the Bucks. Let's say Keith gets off the bench for Dirk -- You still have Mark Daniels and Jerry Stackhouse in the second unit! Will we be seeing more 120+ point performances in 4 quarters from the Mavericks? Dallas is really poised for the top of the West now, breathing down Phoenix and San Antonio's necks.

Speaking of C Web and former Philly Keith Van Horn, the sixers added options for offense by acquiring no less than Jamal Mashburn and Rodney Rogers. Yes, and they let go of veteran forward Glenn Robinson which IMHO is ABOUT TIME. So Philly has a stellar lineup: the two AI's in the backcourt, C Web and Mash up front, and Dalembert manning the middle. COME ON, now you think Miami is the lone superpower in the east? Look out for Philly this year...

With that, the east is beginning to shape up like a juggernaught it once was having most of the powers during the nineties (much like the time when it seemed like the Lakers were the only superpower in the West steam-rolling through every other team with Magic and showtime). I'm not that old, but I was old enough to see how Jordan and Chicago dealt killer blows to each and every team in the NBA and have the stiffest competition in the east (the Knicks one time with Ewing, LJ, and Allan Houston).

If you love watching basketball and play it yourself, you'd want to be able to see what THIS will do to your favorite team or the rest of the season at least. Oh, and I'm not done yet.

And remember how New York doesn't have a dominant man in the middle nowadays when Pat Ewing went away? Look out, they might just be able to make use of Mo Taylor when they traded struggling big man Vin Baker and rotation-hampered-small-forward Moochie Norris. Maybe this will help solidify Houston's pose for a serious run at the playoffs by acquiring a once reliable big man and scoring option in Vin Baker.

Is it beginning to sound like I wanted to be a sports journalist one time in my life? Well I still want to be one and if my options run dry, I just might take a crack at it. Besides, I can't get enough of basketball anyway -- it is my first loved sport. Aside from me being able to knock down some outside shots myself, my potential playing career got squashed when I started concentrating on swimming and bodybuilding instead. Not only am I too short for a forward position, I'm too slow for a guard position. Maybe a coach would do, but who'd listen to a narcissistic non-player like me? Maybe children -- or who am I kidding, I can't even play with the men anymore.

I just might have something to say about that, but I digress... If you want to get any more news regarding the NBA, hop on over to their website at for the latest and greatest news around arguably the best basketball league on earth.


P.S. In other news, I love the Da Vinci Code (read it a couple of weeks back), and I just saw Constantine yesterday. I know, too much of this and I just might blog about them -- but what can I do, I like this spiritual mumbo jumbo. And, I got a job thanks to my best friend. I'll start working a REAL JOB on March 1. I hope all that goes well...


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