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another day

during this time of the day, i usually am the most productive. yes, at 1:30 am, I am most productive. I'm not sure if I am just nocturnal by nature, or my years in college has forced me be this way. anyway, a few interesting things happened to me today, and i wuld like to remember these things and immortalize them on my weblog.

first off, i took the final exam on a computer science course, which i neglected so much i think i'm gonna flunk. i've been too busy looking at and doing complex things that simple matrix operations are going past me -- and consequentially dragging me down. i know i could do what was being asked of me in the first exams, but it seems that i need another wakeup call from the heavens (or from my instructors). i hope i pass that exam, because that's the least i can hope for to at least pass the course (30% of the final grade rests on the final exam, so it counts a lot).

another interesting thing is the thrill of looking at different people with different faces online. friendster is really a neat online tool that enables people from all over the world (or at least, in parts of the world connected to the internet) to be part of a friend network, where your friends can be seen by your friend's friends, and their friends, and friends still. although there may be a lot of hoaxes, it still is a very entertaining and not to mention consuming activity.

and the girl i thought i love has stuck again. well, i have nothing against small favors, and consultation. however, remembering me just when you need something from me is really ticking me off. she didn't remember my birthday, nor did she ever try and know how i was doing -- the SMS messages seemed to indicate that "I need something from you, and I know you can help me with this". the favors are nothing -- they're really not the issue. the issue is the treatment and handling -- i never felt that she was ever concerned about me, and i don't feel that at all right now. come to think of it, she seems to be just using me. and it took me two years and some to figure that out. sheesh.

and last but not the least, running into a friend (a very close friend at that) who is so drunk she can't stop talking aloud in the middle of the street -- is just priceless. in moments like that i wished i had a camera handy. and to think that something she said about a lot of people being angry at me would be blurt out in the open, it's really priceless. now i've confirmed most of my hunches, that people in our organization don't really like me. not that i care, but then that's life.

being me is something that i always wanted to do. and through avenues like this, i become myself and express myself as i am able to with knowing censorship and a conscious effort for political correctness. i just can't wait to hear my friend's story as to why she got so drunk it's not fun anymore. well, it was fun seeing her like that though. :D

have a nice day! :D


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