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Work Work Work...

Imagine writing a whole manual for training BY YOURSELF. And then writing quotations for clients without supervision... You could put in whatever amount you want, and do everything that your boss does -- while he's not here. And when he basically gives you the go-signal, you actually do everything he does -- with all the hassle and work that comes with it. But then there are also the bad things -- like insomnia, thinking of all the work to be done, and the ones that have to happen ASAP.

I enjoy it really, working. I could be someone you could call a workaholic. And I'm looking for people who aren't so that I could get something from them. Or, I could actually help them. Or they could help me. Whatever. But right now, I really need additional manpower, because doing everything yourself is something nobody wants to do. Unless others can't. But that's another story.

Right now, that manual thing is getting to my nerves. I haven't done the first chapter, which I expect to breeze through. I'm getting stuck at the images for the manual, and the exercises for the trainees. But then again, it's better than just sitting around doing nothing -- or is it?

Let me get back to that after a few months.



  1. But then again, it's better than just sitting around doing nothing -- or is it?it's not. hehehe.

  2. If you get paid for it...and you're doing what you are paid to do.

  3. Dean, my blog has a new name already: Vexed in the City.

    I would like to add you on my blog list as well.....


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