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Bright Lights

I just got a new set of speactacles. Eye glasses. One for the hip and outgoing guy, and another for the office business person. And for the first time, I could afford these things. Not entirely just because I have a job now, but mainly because I need them too. How could you work effectively if half the time you're reading or writing you need to squint to read them darn letters? Maybe when your work doesn't require you to read then vision improvement aids like eye glesses won't be too much of a necessity.

But when your work involves reading through tons and tons of code, documentation, and bad handwriting and poorly written correspondence both on paper and through a monitor, these eye glasses really help. But I'm not counting on just these glasses to do the work, I am urgently needing people to work with on a stream of projects coming into the company.

I don't know if I should be advertising this, but to people who are needing jobs, and are qualified to work in an IT company as a Junior Applications Developer with knowledge, experience, and/or expertise in either or both J2ME and PHP, please sned your resume to ME. By the way you should know that I will have to require you to go to the office on a regular basis -- not to work, but to get to actually meet you and work with you from time to time face to face. Aside from that, output should be the basis for the evaluation.

And, I'm just no technical manager who doesn't read nor write code -- mind you, I will check the code you write, and I will debug with you as we go along projects. Experienced people very much preferred, but if you show that you have the skills without the experience, it should be enough.

I need people who know their stuff and as much as possible could work with me -- a workaholic, who loves IT and/or computer science, and is not afraid to have a couple of beers from time to time. That last part was meant to be a joke, but jokes are always half-meant. So there.

Please email your resume's to dmberris at -- we are located in the Makati Business District, which should be accessible to most people within the Makati area, as well as surrounding areas in Metro Manila.

So much for that, I just got to talk again with my ex. SHe's young, and I feel old. She feels that things wouldn't work out between us, but then she may be right. I'm still enjoying my days playing around, meeting people, and I'm not just about ready to settle down with one person to have and hold for the rest of my life. Although I wouldn't mind hooling up with someone for long term relationships FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE. The longest relationship? I don't know... 2 months? I'm still guessing there.

Anyhow, this is getting long, and I really need to find someone to hold decent conversation with. I don't really know if I could find people like that in the area I stay at (my housemates are really nice people, and we get along fine -- but I can't seem to muster the strength and courage to have a relationship with one of my housemates). That would just be too... Melrose Place'ish.

I need to find someone who shares the same passions, the same thrills, the same lifestyle, and plays the same game. I thought I found one, but I keep forgetting that usually people who I share the same passions, thrills, and lifestyle I have are HIGH MAINTENANCE PEOPLE. I need to meet someone who has her own personality, her own schedule, and who wouldn't mind too much if we could only spend nights together.

That would be superb.

What, don't tell me I can't wish on my blog? That's the only thing I can do right now... WISH.


P.S. Bestfriend, what's heppened? How are you? No news from you as of late... you alright? Ring me up (Sun) when you get to read this, ok?


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